Monday, June 28, 2010

American Terraced house

Recently I was consulted by a brother in law about the exploitation of the land.

He has some lands and other assets but he has a fear that he is not able to pay the municipal property tax in future.

So, we bring a large urban agricultural land adjoining a road at 112 feets in focus. The land is located in Midori ward, Nagoya.

Here, the property tax is cheap as long as he has as a agricultural land, but it is no value, if he exploits it.

But once he changes the land to a housing lot site, he must pay the tax so much.

He asked me if a cheap apartment building was available, but the apartment for low incomer exsists a lot.

In addition, such a market always falls victim of price competition and vacant room.

So, I had suggested the rental houses for foreign families. They make a tranquil community to live in three families.

As for Families living away from home, it is encouraged that some families who come from the same country, stay close.

As the image plan, if a house looks western style luxury building and there are three houses with the reasonable rent as well, I feel that it has considerable potential for demand.

Of course, as well as exterior, I build the houses with imported materials from North America, with western interior design like their home. Well, Home made is bset at western style in Japan.

You may feel a little condominium in North America.

It is still a project in the future, but if it starts moving, it works well, it might become a new core business in Home Made Company.

Stay tuned!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sorry for error of message forms on Home Made website

I find a error that your request message might not reach me through my web site from April to June.

I apologize such a trouble and sorry for your inconvenience.

If you do not receive my response by E-mail, please submit your message again from the following forms. Thanks.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Imported Appliances

Some of customers want to install the appliances imported from North America in their new house.

It is easy for me, but usual home builders cannot do it because they are not familiar with such appliances and could not understand a installation guide in English.

Why shall we use such appliances in Japan?

I am a challenger and the design & dimension is different from Japanese one. I feel an American life style on them.

However, please be careful for the imported appliances!

There is no meintenance service in Japan because the warranty is applied in domestic only.

So, you have to be ready to re-import and replace it, if it goes wrong.

If you have no generosity about it, please choose domestic ones in Japan. Even considering such care, when you still like the design in North America, they are recommended.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Asian influences

Recently I received a consultation from a customer who wants to build a house with decor inspired by Bali, Indonesia.

It is still planning roughly, so that I do not know whether we can do it together or not. However, I would like to introduce the design to you a little.

In North America, it is no doubt that Asian decor which includes Japanese is one design trend.

As for Southeast Asia, including Bali, I think there's almost a longing for a distant country in North America.

The theme of the interior is "Asian Aesthetics of simplicity, serenity and harmony".

Unique items that are placed there are produced now.

Famous manufacturers produce some bronze coloured faucets and a bamboo-shaped faucet. Bronze colour appears old time and bamboo design echoes the peace and serenity found in nature.

In North America gold or silver colour in faucet has been in popular, it has been turned into something a little less glitz like satin nickel colour.

In Japan, when we look for the ethnic products, we must rely on imports from Southeast Asia, but in North America there are a lot of manufacturers which have designed products by themselves.

Of course, in fact, some manufacturers are placed for producing in China because of low wages, but quality control and inspection, design centers have been remained in home country.

In Japan houses become the same design. When a modern design becomes in fashion, all major home builder builds it with modern and simple design without exception.

"Fashion = profitable" "Same fashion = safe". They are a nature of Japanese.

People who want to express your individuality with Asian influences are always under stress, because major housing companies cannot reply to their demand.

(If Asian influences become popular, the companies would build homes with only Asian influences.)

In any event, the Japanese House design fashion has been delayed in several years and I think that Japan is an underdeveloped country in the wealth of home building.