Thursday, September 23, 2010

Real American Residence in Nagoya, Japan

This house was built for American family staying in Nagoya, japan. They have many friends and hold a party together. So, a huge space was required here.

I installed the whole bricks at the first floor wall. And for the interior wall, I installed drywall like North America, though they are rare in Japan.

Of course, many building materials were imported from Canada. So, this house is a real western style house.

Please check the movie and enjoy it.

If you would like to know the details, please visit the following website. Thanks.

Ideal Home for American Family - Mr. C's house

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grandma's home was imaged. - Mr. M's house

Added a new work, Mr. M's house in my web page of Work Introduction. The house plan is based on feng shui conception and Japanese retro design in Showa period. Foe this House, while we asked a master the opinion of feng shui, we were planning the floor and exterior design.

Considering the features and usability, it is often not ideal. But we finally achieved this to use every device.

At exterior wall we installed Stucco Flex that combines durability and flexibility as a cladding material. And we installed asphalt shingle roofing with 30 years warranty on the roof.

The interior conception is the house where the owner's wife had visited a grandmother in her childhood. It can also be sticking to this even a new building. Please check the details in the page, Grandma's home was imaged. - Mr. M's house. If you want to see the video, please check the video of Mr. M's house.

Living with pets

Do you design with pets in mind at house building or renovation? When you build a new house or renovate a room in Japan, you may want to consult a builder who knows dog or cat and building materials to live with pets, but actually such a builder is rare near you.

So, I would like to let you know information in my new web page, "Living with pets". Please check it, if you are interested in it. Thanks.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Old Style Design K1770PB

Recently I have never seen such a brass colored lighting in North America. However, Japanese may like a chandelier with candle bulbs.

It is not so decolative but they will imagine the old American life in this design.

The diameter is 17" and it is suitable in a narrow stairway.

The customer, N moved here yesterday, but it looks like an old house by the light and shadow on the drywall.

It will become beautiful more after 10 years or more.

The other Japanese builders cannot achieve such a design because they use a vinyl wall paper and a commonplace lighting fixture.