Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lift & Turn Drain

“Lift & Turn Drain”, it may sound strange. This is a drain for a drain outlet on a vanity bowl. It is capped on the top to stop water flowing.

The latest Japanese taste tends to the switching pop up type: the outlet valve is controlled with a switch. In the past where the people had no convenient product like this, a tap or rubber cap were the usual ways to cover the outlet.

Now many vanity faucets have the pop up style. On the other hand, some manufactures keep the old style.

So the “Lift & Turn Drain” is on. Turn and hitch up the button on the top, then the cock is fixed.

It may be a little bit classic, but, interesting, isn’t it? Such a simple type feels more stable.

There are less and less faucets like this one in Japan.

The Ritz like!

Do you know the Hotel Ritz in Paris? – Yes, that is that where Prices Diana had been staying just before the accident.

It’s an ancient and super expensive hotel and not open to every one. Incidentally, I had a fortune to stay in a semi-suite at the Ritz a few years ago, and I found a silver swan settled on the lavabo, and thought “wow! a luxury hotel really differs!”
Canadians create faucets like that. I recommend it to someone who likes the Ritz mood! Feel special, feel rich. You deserve it!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vanity Faucet T6520BB

Japanese tastes in interior decorating tend to move with North American’s. The modern taste you see on this imported faucet will run for a little.

They are creating some new interiors combining rectilinear and mono-tone bases and modern material.

This faucet is that one: very simple and modern, at the same time using some rounded parts and iron colour. That is new modern with an antique touch.

Silver colour is major for Japanese simple modern. If you remember this kind of item, it can be a good help to put an accent in your house.

Pick your favourite colours!

In North America you can choice the colour of kitchen faucet parts by yourself.

Those pictures are just some of them. On the top of left, it’s gold and silver colours combination. Under that, the gold, which is the most popular in some people yearning imported house. On the right side up, they are white levers and the silver body of lovely taste. The last one on the bottom of right is polished silver, called satin colour. It can make a grown-up style.

Actually, the colour variations in Canada are richer depends on its models and manufactures. It doesn’t work in Japan, wouldn’t you think? It means that the originality is important in most Western countries.

Anyway, Japanese people following each other for everything e.g. fashion brands, is difficult to understand for me being perverse Japanese…

Party sink faucet: Hampton 2770720

This one looks more compact than others, and its white crossed handles showing a classical image... Such a compact faucet is very cosy for a kitchen equipped its sub sink.

Compact faucets are for a sub sink; for island and bar counters in your kitchen, and when you need a party sink. They create a bar mood in your kitchen, and of course, very convenient and joyful when you cook and bake cakes with your kids or your partner.

Please remember to keep wide space for enjoying yourselves when you think of some free spaces.

Friday, January 29, 2010

It may be a unique home…

Yesterday a customer decided to build his new house with us. The family lives in Hiroshima Pref. and they will move to Nishio city in the spring of 2010. Nishio is their home town near Nagoya in Aichi Pref., where we have our offices. We keep contacting on the web, telephone, or meet sometimes in person when they go to Nishio. So, it took about one year for this decision.

I respect our new customer for their hard work.

Today, we have an appointment at 11 am. Owner’s wife has her concrete image on new house and she nodded easily when she found ideal products. Customers’ discovering their favourite products depends on us. We have met similar ideas to this customers’ taste and it didn’t take a lot to focus on the products.

Now, I’d like to introduce some other goods that we’ve offered.

Ⅰ: This sink should be the most symbolic to describe her gusto. This is actually a kitchen sink but she will take it for the vanity. It’s very ancient design called “apron sink”. Its feature is the front of sink set over the counter.

Ⅱ: This is the wrought iron proof. A glass is on the elegantly waving wrought iron. It could reflect a cosy bar in a European country side.

So, the last thing is the budget. It will be one of our biggest appeals!

Tiffany’s pendant 65242

I’d like to introduce you to another Tiffany.

This should be one of the neatest designs. The colour glass is low tone and brings out the black thin ZINC lead. Don’t you find a Middle Age Europe then?

This lighting is for the dining, and also the island kitchen. That may be good, too.

Most of those imported lightings have mostly the line; wall lights, ceiling lights, and so on. So, not only a room atmosphere but also the entire atmosphere can get a good sensation of unity.

Finally, you can have your design and chose objects with a base. There are hundreds sorts of products in our catalogue and professional coordinators like us will help you to pick up your favourites. Deciding products from some catalogues can be very difficult especially for those without experience.

We always work hard in designing of the house.

7185 Silhouette Party Sink

Both of the width and the depth are of 46cm, it’s a compact sink. The material is similar to enamel and gives an impression of a china. It looks lovely as well. The durability is naturally high level. This party sink will work fully in an island kitchen or a kitchen with a bar counter.

This sink is a self-rimming type. What is the “self-rimming”? It is a sink that mounts directly over the countertop. Western type sinks should be separated in two sorts: this self-rimming and, the other is the under-counter type, set under the kitchen counter.

The under-counter is to show your kitchen compact, and the self-rimming features ancient style. Oh, is this a maniac talk?

Cadet Pedestal

This pedestal type lavatory has a smart French taste. Simple but the body is all covered with the fluent waves, contains no sharp lines. You may find a gentle feeling in its easy wavy silhouette.

This pedestal item is the best item if you would like to feel and enjoy French fresh morning. But remember that this may not be suit for shampooing.


This Canadian bathtub is one of the Onsen series and it’s called “Osaka”.

Yes, named as the city, Osaka. It’s a little bit difficult to understand why “Osaka” for us, the Japanese, but you could say this bathtub may have Japanesque atmosphere when you focus the background.

You know the size of this bath? It’s 1.35dia! It’s so big that can accommodate all your family or friends. Of course, it’s equipped turbo jets.

Having “Onsen” with a bottle of beer or champagne makes you feel great!

Amarilis 3801000

This vanity faucet is a part of the Jasmine Collection. It has the standard look particularly for imported goods. The white cross handles subscribe the lovable neatness.

Canadian faucets are, generally, available not only cross handles but also lever handles.
In addition, as a difference with Japanese faucets, Canadians have much more colour variation; chrome, gold and combination of chrome and gold at the body.

Of course, for handles chrome colour is available, though it is white in the picture.

It’s interesting that we have choices for details, moreover it doesn’t cost much. In Canada, they don’t use any rubber packing as water valve, but ceramic instead. Ceramic valve is semi permanently stable, if any foreign substances don’t jam.