Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lift & Turn Drain

“Lift & Turn Drain”, it may sound strange. This is a drain for a drain outlet on a vanity bowl. It is capped on the top to stop water flowing.

The latest Japanese taste tends to the switching pop up type: the outlet valve is controlled with a switch. In the past where the people had no convenient product like this, a tap or rubber cap were the usual ways to cover the outlet.

Now many vanity faucets have the pop up style. On the other hand, some manufactures keep the old style.

So the “Lift & Turn Drain” is on. Turn and hitch up the button on the top, then the cock is fixed.

It may be a little bit classic, but, interesting, isn’t it? Such a simple type feels more stable.

There are less and less faucets like this one in Japan.

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