Friday, April 30, 2010

Golden Week Holiday in Home Made

Closed due to Golden Week Holiday from May 2nd to 5th.

But I will often work in the office during the holiday.

If you want to consult me before the holiday, please contact ASAP. Have a good Holiday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

An open house has ended in C's house, Moriyama

This house is designed as a real American house.

It was an exhibit for only two days in weekend, but I had many customers come.

On Sunday my friend who took charge of the building code application has come to take pictures.

He is fascinated with a photography recently and took many pictures this time.

I will carry his 2 pictures here. If a camera isn't a good one as expected, it's useless.

I might not get such good pictures by my camera on cell phone.

There are a living and a dining room on both of pictures. A party of about 50 people can be helded enough here.

In a picture you can see the beauty of the arch wall and the brilliant oak floor. Don't you think it has the atmosphere in a huge American house?

The owner says that he does not like luxurious design, but if there are not these chandeliers in this house, it isn't well-balanced, is it?

Kitchen, lighting fixture and the interior coordination. I take charge of everything. I guess that no one can achieve such a level of American design.

I think that people who came to the open house is really lucky.

Please also look forward to the next work.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleaning up the job site - N's house in Ohbu-

A brick cladding work has been finished about one third at last.

The width of this house is more than ordinary house in Japan. So, I need the large amount of brick. It will be 1.5 times, 14,000 each.

A bricklayer kneads mortar for the joint of bricks, so around the house the waste mortar and pieces of brick are scattered.

So I sometimes have to clean up the job site because I need much time for cleaning, if I do it at once.

It takes much time to be cleaned only by a supervisor. So all of us goes there together.

Of course, I did it. There is no exception even though I say a president. I changed my cloth for the work, too.

The cleaning is endless, even if I also do it. So, we clean around the house partly but thoroughly. It's a knack to concentrate it.

Space isn't enough between the house and the next and we waste the time in such a narrow space, if we move around the house. It becomes efficient that we stay in a place.

The major house builder would not eager to do such steady and troublesome work.

My Philosophy, When I build a home, is to take much time, to take much labour and to take much mind.

By the way, the brick which is installed at this site this appears first in Japan. This orange red brick is called Old Markham.

The gentle color matchs white windows. Come and check it, when the net comes off.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A stone counter for island kitchen

A stone counter was put in Moriyama-ku, C's house by customer's strong request.

Weight 150kg and thickness 20mm. Cabinets for this island is bigger than usual, so the counter is huge.

The black stone with a tinge of Brown is polished carefully, and indeed it may look like mirror.

At installation the counter was lifted carefully by my staff, as it may crack.

Well, I was a craftsman of cake making in school days.
Of course, it's part-time work, but I was so professional and a boss entrusted every process.

At that time a counter was also made of a stone. So, I know a stone is most suitable for cooking.

It has high cooling function, but it isn't cooled rapidly so and that a tool is hurt.
And it is suitable to knead, to thin paste with water by hand.

I have thought that I wanted to use such stone for house building but it is so expensive.

So, in this time Home Made makes much effort to answer her request.

I must say it, the surface seems flat but stone is made of the small grains actually, there are also many gaps on the surface. So, when you spill water as it is, water enters into the inside.

Please be also careful in such thing and make a good dish by all means.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's go, Open House!

Today there are a plumber and a house cleaner in C's job site.

Yesterday my staff took sheets off for floor guard. So, I think that the cleaner can do his work easily.

I have not finished my work yet, but how about this interior?

The solarium dining is so beautiful with some arches which add a rhythm in the room.

Shadow of a big chandelier shows flower shape on the floor.

White mouldings and kitchen contrast with orange beige colour walls.

How do you feel it?

It is good opportunity to see the design of interior and exterior.

If you want to build such a elegant house, come and see here in this week end.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Exterior Renovation Just Started!

I started to assemble a scaffolding in I's house, Nisshin city on last Thursday. It was a little rainy day but I did it as much as possible.

This house was built 16 years ago. As far as you see the picture, it looks beautiful, but the painted concrete roof is discoloured and the inside of wood siding also receives damage by water or moisture for a long time.

It is so sorry that a customer waste much money at this time. I suppose that it would be necessary, if a renovator had taken an action properly at re-painting 6 yaers ago.
(For your reference, most of Japanese roofing materials is made of concrete and is painted on surface for water resistance.)

The discolouring occurs by that he did not clean the surface enough and painted on the stain.

When a customer came to me for advice, he said that a piece of the roof dropped off on land.

I checked it on another day, a new paint came on the back at cracking line as the picture.

It means that the crack occured before re-painting and the renovator knew it then. He does not have a common sense for his job.

I would like to come up to a customer's expectations because I could get a good relationship with him by this trouble.

By the way, I will install a Canadian asphalt shingle roofing which has a function of algae resistant and 30 years warranty. For exterior cladding, I will install the same PVC siding as I posted it before.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Make it new!

I, Home Made renovate a house which was built 11 years ago in Akaike, Nisshin. I have almost done except tiles of entrance stairway.

In this renovation, I install a PVC cladding at exterior. Though it is common in North America, it is not familiar to Japanese.

It is not discoloured and is different from paint because at manufacturing process the colourant is mixed in the material.

And it is quite durable on weather and deterioration does not occur so much, comparing to domestic concrete siding panel.

Please see the upper picture. White trim line has some cracks and becomes dark at the below by rain.

I recommend to fill compound in cracks and to paint exterior wall, but the costomer wants to change it to a maintenance free one and chooses this siding.

This is designed by North America and is made in Japan. It has both of design and quality.

PVC is light. So, it does not impose a burden on the structure and does not go bad by moisture or rain.

Of course, if a problem occurs on the exsisting siding, I can strip it and replace to PVC cladding. If no problem, I can also install it on the exsisting siding. It depends on case by case.

I guess that PVC cladding will increase in Japan for only new construction but renovation.

But please keep attention that we must take measures to fire regulation in Japan at the installation.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Open House information of Western Style House with Brick Cladding

I introduced the house before. At that time bricklayers were installing bricks. And I will complete this house in the middle of Apr.

So we'd like to hold an open house on April 10th (Sat) and 11th (Sun) prior to delivery. Time is 10:00-17:00.

I think that the job will be continued before a delivery, but this is also the ideal chance you can see interestingly.

Following picture is the kitchen with island, but a counter of the black stone is planning to be put on Island's cabinet soon.

The American design is also one of highlights, a shower room beside a main bedroom, a huge living room where you can deal with nearly 50 party visitors and a solarium dining.

The map is as follows, but if you are not available on the days, it's possible to guide you on a different day.

In the case, please contact any time.

House address: Nanbara 2685-324, Nakashidami, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan

Location map:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wrought Iron Grille is good for crime prevention

In Japan people uses aluminum grille for windows but it is easy to break and it is not helpful for crime prevention.

Because it is hollow core and thin. So, it will occur deterioration soon.

And it is fasten by screw or bolt on a wall. So, we can remove it easily.

But I, Home Made make a wrought iron grille even such a big window.

The iron parts are welded all and they are made of solid iron. You cannot break the grille easily.

Though you may not find some twisted ballusters in the grille, it looks nice a little.

When I install it on a wall, I use some anchor bolts. So, you can hang on to the grille.

At the last I make the bolt head into a ball. Then you cannot turn the bolt.

I do not install a fake grille on a window. It is important to put a thing to practical use and design.

However, please be careful. You cannot go out from inside here.