Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleaning up the job site - N's house in Ohbu-

A brick cladding work has been finished about one third at last.

The width of this house is more than ordinary house in Japan. So, I need the large amount of brick. It will be 1.5 times, 14,000 each.

A bricklayer kneads mortar for the joint of bricks, so around the house the waste mortar and pieces of brick are scattered.

So I sometimes have to clean up the job site because I need much time for cleaning, if I do it at once.

It takes much time to be cleaned only by a supervisor. So all of us goes there together.

Of course, I did it. There is no exception even though I say a president. I changed my cloth for the work, too.

The cleaning is endless, even if I also do it. So, we clean around the house partly but thoroughly. It's a knack to concentrate it.

Space isn't enough between the house and the next and we waste the time in such a narrow space, if we move around the house. It becomes efficient that we stay in a place.

The major house builder would not eager to do such steady and troublesome work.

My Philosophy, When I build a home, is to take much time, to take much labour and to take much mind.

By the way, the brick which is installed at this site this appears first in Japan. This orange red brick is called Old Markham.

The gentle color matchs white windows. Come and check it, when the net comes off.

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