Saturday, April 3, 2010

Make it new!

I, Home Made renovate a house which was built 11 years ago in Akaike, Nisshin. I have almost done except tiles of entrance stairway.

In this renovation, I install a PVC cladding at exterior. Though it is common in North America, it is not familiar to Japanese.

It is not discoloured and is different from paint because at manufacturing process the colourant is mixed in the material.

And it is quite durable on weather and deterioration does not occur so much, comparing to domestic concrete siding panel.

Please see the upper picture. White trim line has some cracks and becomes dark at the below by rain.

I recommend to fill compound in cracks and to paint exterior wall, but the costomer wants to change it to a maintenance free one and chooses this siding.

This is designed by North America and is made in Japan. It has both of design and quality.

PVC is light. So, it does not impose a burden on the structure and does not go bad by moisture or rain.

Of course, if a problem occurs on the exsisting siding, I can strip it and replace to PVC cladding. If no problem, I can also install it on the exsisting siding. It depends on case by case.

I guess that PVC cladding will increase in Japan for only new construction but renovation.

But please keep attention that we must take measures to fire regulation in Japan at the installation.

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