Monday, November 22, 2010

Champagne Ball & Awards Evening

We participated in the party event on Friday night. Both TJCS and ACCJ organized this “Champagne Ball & Awards Evening”.
About 300 Japanese and people from abroad got together at Hilton Hotel.

It was impressive for me.
Well-dressed men and women of all ages fluctuated between hope and despair during the lottery to be winner. Dance party went through midnight and also intoxicated.
Participants got exciting by 80’s dance music such as The Beatles, Oldies, Earth wind & Fire, and they reminded a page of youth.This is the difference of culture. Men and Women from Western countries were getting together and naturally dance to music. It seemed to be a graduation party in America. I think that elder Japanese will be hesitate to do it. It’s Japanese weak point, isn’t it?
We’d like to improve our wealthy day life.
Have a party outside sometime,
otherwise stay calm with family in the moody interior which has indirect lighting.
I just realized it on that day.
Last weekend we had an open-house in Toyota, then many people visited there.
There was an open-house next door by one of major house company too. It had an affect on our open-house, but we hope that some visitor could be impressed by this.
Usuallly our customer has similar sense of value, but It is important to show our style for people who don’t know about us. If not, They never known new things and about us.
Please come and visit our Open-house on 23rd Nov. Tuesday.
If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.
House address: 8-3, Hachiman, Maebayashi-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Pref., Japan

Elegant but Gorgeous!

Our new house in Toyota was opened for public as scheduled.
We look forward to finalizing our house construction. We’re a bit tied up though.
This is a picture of double sidelite door which has stained glass on both side of entrance.
Our customer chose it, but it’s very rare and unique.
A orange bud with blue-gray stalk give us a lovely and gentle impression.
Atmosphere of stained glass seems like a hand made.
It looks very nice!!
It reminds you something like that in medieval times in Europe, which is well suited for pink-gray brick cladding.
Please visit our new house in Toyota on 23rd Nov.Tuesday.
If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.
House address: 8-3, Hachiman, Maebayashi-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Pref., Japan

It is hard wark!!

We went to the seminar in Fukuoka and Osaka 2 weeks ago. It say “Re-home, Re-modeling experience in Canada”. More than 50 people joined in both place.

I was often asked about

“Do you feel nervous when you talk in front of many people?”
“Do you practice for the seminar?”

Actually, Not at all.

We introduced interior renovation by Para-Paint. Most of contents were already written in Blog and HP, also spoken to customers many times. so I don’t have to study it every time. I meant we only talk about what we’re usually doing.

There isn’t enough time at this time. Just think about what the priority and what the point . I think it will be able to manage somehow or another.
We could talked much better if there wasn’t long speech from CMHC. (just a joke)
Please let me know if you are interested in:
              Environment and designs of Canada
              Imported material and custom made building
We will contact you as soon as possible.

If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.

It’s brand new but Antique!

We’d like to show you a kind of antique door at this time, but It combines vintage pattern with brand new door. One of them on the picture above.

The white color peeled off from the door and brown color coat comes out. The door ground coat disclose slightly by rubbing.The door clear or brown color of Paint-stain is getting more dingy.

How excite it is!!
We got excite by feel it’s atmosphere.

For long time ago, one of our customer bought a vintage door and asked to install it .The Antique door is too difficult to install it to the frame of entrance for new house, because it is winding and untrue.
But, if it is brand new door like that on the picture, no problem to install it to the new house. Perhaps you need to adjust wall and floor for the door.
If you want to build such as a Totoro’s house ,a western style house or a old house in England. You will love these doors. There are many people thought this way in Japan, but It’ll be difficult to connect with a maniac builder. Something like our company has.
By the way, The price of an antique door is about ¥80000.
actually it’s good price despite it has elaborate decorations. It is hard to build a whole designed house, but it is worth to try.
We would show you some of these doors at the Open-House from 20th Nov. Please join us.
If you would like any more details, check the link below.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Party House!!

We went to the Party at the house that our company concerned with.
It had postponed for long time because homeowner had been so busy. but, They finally held this party with friends of church where they going to.

Nearly 50 people participated in this party in the end.

How big party it is!

More than 2/3 people are from Canada or America.
The other people has a partner from abroad.

We have ever had such a party that most of participants were from abroad.
I could be understood if it was a reception of Embassy or Consular Office. but, This was just a home party.

By the way, It was a Pot Luck Party which participants should bring some food and drinks with them.We pleased to have wine, non-alcohol beer, fried chicken and Oni-manju.

Master baked sparerib for everyone on the wood deck outside.

This western style house with dry wall is the best situation to have a party like that.

Some of participants were really happy with it.

Because there is few door in the house. It seems that you are in foreign country.
If you want to know more detail, check the link below.

If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.

Winter is coming soon!!

Please look at this picture.

There is a wood stove on the 2nd floor at the house that we have an Open-House from 20th November, Saturday. This is a simple free standing type. You can put kettle on the flat-top of that. I meant no dryness in the room.

Both Body and Chimney of this stove is made by double structure, so it doen’t matter if you touched it. This is a High safety standard model from Canada.Unexpectedly, it has a large amount of, You can make a roasted sweet potatoes too.

The Fire-set should be used for clean up the stove sometime.therefore, It is not just a decoration.

We installed full-bricks around the wood stove as same as that for a brick cladding wall.It’s quite different with flat bricks. obviously, There is much benefit of outstanding thermal effect.

We also installed dry-wall for wall and ceiling, it looks like a natural interior though.Para-Paint has a beautiful color variation. and it’s original elegant wall really suit for a dark-brown floor and ceiling.

It’s very important to have something image or view when you built the House.

If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.

House address: 8-3, Hachiman, Maebayashi-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Pref., Japan

Friday, November 12, 2010

Final countdown ~Open House in Toyota~

We’re going to report for our new house in Toyota which we have an Open-House on Nov. 20th(Sat), 21st(Sun), 23rd(Tue). It’s still constructing though.
First of all, The built-in garage door made of wood. It seems to be a white castle with a huge gate.

A brown color wood shutter. Look at the picture on the above.

The garage door on the right side is not completed yet.
Imported garage door is made by wood panels and it piles up from the bottom.
It’s impossible to lift it up by yourself., because of it’s weight.
It also can’t do this by motor.

There is a coil-spring inside and utilize it to open/close the garage door.

Next, please look at another picture

Dining & kitchen with L-shape Bar style.You can see the rare designed imported cabinet.

We adopted the counter table to use limited space usefully. They might have a dinner with this.
All of family members are able to take a seat beside the table.

and, You can see the big side-by-side Refrigerator behind the counter.

There are many noticeable at our house.
Please come and look an open house in Toyota.

If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.Contact:

House address: 8-3, Hachiman, Maebayashi-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Pref., JapanLocation


Unique bathtub for Japan

in Japan It’s normally sepatated into bathtub, washroom, sink and dressing room.
On the other hand, people in Western countries concentrate them in one place.
Is it rationalism?

For example, Look at this picture on the above.
It’s takes the traditional-room design concept.
This room provides 2 Pedestal, bath-tub and toilet seat with abundant space.
Including cabinet for towels and small articles. You could have a small break by the chair.
and the Rack is used for holding things such as shampoo in the bath-tub

It can afford to put some flowers on the cabinet.
Not only wall and floor but everything unified to be monotone.
One piece of painting and dark-green flowers brings brilliant colors.

You could feel something like that it makes more brighten on day time.

Next, please look at another picture which you might spend a time on there before sleep.

At the dusk, Sunshine get in through the double-hung window. and
Incandescent light bulb vividly illuminate the pedestal.

A bathtub also contrast well with brightness of downlight.
These effort shows indirect lighting real ability.

It’s the greatest sense of that create a difference visual impact both active time and slow time.
By the way,
all of those products are from Neptune Co. Canada.
Of course, you’ll never get those products from a house-maker except the Home-Made Co.

We’re going to offer you such a unique and original designed interior like that. though It may not be completed quite as same as that on these picture.

It is the advantage of Imported House with that are able to provide a valuable design.

If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our presentation on Nov. 11th(Thu) and 12th(Fri).

We’re going to have a presentation about Para-Paints at the CMHC seminar which introduces some of Canadian products and techniques. We will show you a kind of Paints for dry wall, Although we don’t have enough time then.

We would like to distribute Color-chart to participant as possible as we can. It will also be delivered if you could not get it.

We’re going to offer our new plan "Dry-wall". The dry-wall interior makes your house more unique and original than that of the other house-maker.

If you have free time or interest in presentation, please come and visit to the seminar.
We will be happy to deal with any further questions.

Date : Nov. 11th(Thu)12:00~18:00
Address: 2-14-8 Tenzin, Tyuuo-ku, Fukuoka
Fukuoka Tenzin Center Building 8F
TKP Tenzin City Center
Map :
Phone : 092-720-8003

Date : Nov. 12th(Fri)12:00~18:00
Address: 5-4-21 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka
TKP Gate Tower Building Conference 9A/9B
TKP Osaka Umeda Business Center
Map :
Phone : 06-4797-6610

Friday, November 5, 2010

Buy house for wealthy life

What is your priority when you build a house or purchase a condominium?
I believe everyone like this word “Low Cost” and it’s usually on the high rank.

However, If you have only financial problem, Do you really want to have your own house?

In that case, You will be lost your large fortune.
and, It will take 30 years to complete this mortgage.

If you have no idea about your salary in the future.
You better take a leasing condominium than purchasing a house which owing you a lot.
because you could remove to new place easily and you mustn’t pay property tax or maintenance fee periodically. That’ll be very convenience.

To be honest, a lot of people hope to have their own house.

There are some reasons to lose mind themselves, such as Dream, Desire of family, and status to have own house.

Especially People in Nagoya tend to think that way.
I meant there isn’t a perfect leasing condominium.

We think everybody will have own house someday.
also some people aim at real low-cost residence.

It’s strong feeling of that you want to decrease those fixed payment. (described on the above)
Never mind about the quality and design of house, if you secure a room.

We certainly agree with this.

but, does everybody achieve all their aims?

For example,
①Low cost 20 million yen House
②High quality 30 million yen House

Which house do you take?
There is a 10 million difference.

This is the era of super low-interest.
The interest about 3,000~4000 yen per month if you borrow 1 million yen.
I meant, The interest will be 30~40 thousands yen per month if you borrow 10 million yen.

It’s not a big deal!!
If you smoke 1 box of cigarette per day and go to café 2 times a day.
It will cover the payment by this.

Low cost performance doesn’t come up with a wealthy life.
What is real wealthy life?
We think that is to build a 100 years long lasting House. Although these houses also needs maintenance fee.

Nobody feel waste of money to keep up your lovely house.   Do you?

The priority to buy house is that the house is worth the price you’re paying.
Not low price.

Please check it out!!One of our house↓

Sense of Crystal !

People who are wearing accessories such as SWAROVSKI have been increasing in recent years in Japan. In North-America, There is a growing trend that they’re trying to take these crystals for house interior.

However, it seems to be difficult to match them with other interiors.
Straight shaped Crystal with modern chrome, The Electric Light harmonizes traditional style furniture with simple room design. (From picture on above) It’s also impressed with styles both modernism and tradition by put glasses and piece of pottery on the dining table.
How do we take Antiques into house!
We pleased to show you some example of designs or sense of designs.
but, everything will be designed by your idea. Of course, we do assist you as possible as we can.
If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Feel Canada !

A window made by Resin (PVC) is not popular in Japan.
It’s only use for window frame or sash. Of course, It doesn’t cover a part of windowpane.

PVC technology are strong, durable, inexpensive and easy arrangement. PVC has strong structure like a honeycomb and air layer improve it’s insulation system. besides, The resin is easy to makeup and get it by reasonable price.

Condensation will never happen on the inside surfaces of this window.

That’s why over 90% of people in Canada and America adopted this PVC for their residence.

We import some PVC products from ACAN. They sent us 2 pieces of pictures on the below.

What a lovely home, it is!? In fact, these house are belongs to normal family.
It’s really Huge, isn’t it !!
You might have an image of that one of resort hotel or something public institution.
To be sure, Those windows are made by PVC.
Personally, I would like to build such a house for my own.

In Japan. Many people built houses with too many brilliant decorations.
In the contrary,
for example, less decorations, design of windows and performance with a color.
These are the most efficient to come up with real gorgeous.

What is the priority if you build an own house?
It’s “Design”
Original frame of house is not possible to change, even if you are able to do some.
What is the taste in architecture?
To quest the perspective of design?

Lastly, I would like to tell you a little more about PVC.
According to the law, Please note that it’s limited to use PVC in the most city area in Japan.
In the fire control area, It is prohibited to use these building materials unless any space between houses.

If you have any question about PVC.
please do not hesitate to contuct us.
We really recommend this high quality and valuable product.

This is the time. Yen is very strong right now.
Don’t miss it!!

By the way,
We adopted same sash from ACAN at the house in Toyata where we will have an open house on Nov.20th, 21st and 23rd.

Location map:


Luxuly Home!! No Scaffold!!

One of our HOME will have an Open house on Nov. 2oth(Sat), 21st(Sun), 23rd(Tue).

Look at this !! An exterior wall with bricks is just like a Stone built.

The arch-style entrance made of bricks carry each other. You might feel its gonna be dropped off. but, No problem!! There are many constructions made by same method such as The Meganebashi in Nagasaki, Japan and The Roman Aqueduct in Italy.

As you also can see from a picture, we have a unique 'Quoin' on the wall beside an Arch.

"What is a Quoin?"
Those square-designed layout are made by bricks dislocation. One of the great technique!It just looks like a Castle ,doesn't it !!
We will have an image of 'Forever' after we look at this. just about our dream.

The thick brick-wall is possible to have it's original bay-window.

The stainless steel Chimney is remarkable, too.

You know? A rain gutter made by aluminum does Not need to re-paint again and it’s also long lasting. That’ sounds nice!!

The open house is coming soon. so, We feel a bit upset right now. But we constantly inform you what’s going on the Open house one after another.

House address: 8-3, Hachiman, Maebayashi-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Pref., Japan

Location map: