Friday, November 12, 2010

Final countdown ~Open House in Toyota~

We’re going to report for our new house in Toyota which we have an Open-House on Nov. 20th(Sat), 21st(Sun), 23rd(Tue). It’s still constructing though.
First of all, The built-in garage door made of wood. It seems to be a white castle with a huge gate.

A brown color wood shutter. Look at the picture on the above.

The garage door on the right side is not completed yet.
Imported garage door is made by wood panels and it piles up from the bottom.
It’s impossible to lift it up by yourself., because of it’s weight.
It also can’t do this by motor.

There is a coil-spring inside and utilize it to open/close the garage door.

Next, please look at another picture

Dining & kitchen with L-shape Bar style.You can see the rare designed imported cabinet.

We adopted the counter table to use limited space usefully. They might have a dinner with this.
All of family members are able to take a seat beside the table.

and, You can see the big side-by-side Refrigerator behind the counter.

There are many noticeable at our house.
Please come and look an open house in Toyota.

If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.Contact:

House address: 8-3, Hachiman, Maebayashi-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Pref., JapanLocation


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  1. This is such a nice design house. I always wanted to build my house with a built-in garage so that it'll be easy for me to park my car.