Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter is coming soon!!

Please look at this picture.

There is a wood stove on the 2nd floor at the house that we have an Open-House from 20th November, Saturday. This is a simple free standing type. You can put kettle on the flat-top of that. I meant no dryness in the room.

Both Body and Chimney of this stove is made by double structure, so it doen’t matter if you touched it. This is a High safety standard model from Canada.Unexpectedly, it has a large amount of, You can make a roasted sweet potatoes too.

The Fire-set should be used for clean up the stove sometime.therefore, It is not just a decoration.

We installed full-bricks around the wood stove as same as that for a brick cladding wall.It’s quite different with flat bricks. obviously, There is much benefit of outstanding thermal effect.

We also installed dry-wall for wall and ceiling, it looks like a natural interior though.Para-Paint has a beautiful color variation. and it’s original elegant wall really suit for a dark-brown floor and ceiling.

It’s very important to have something image or view when you built the House.

If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.

House address: 8-3, Hachiman, Maebayashi-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Pref., Japan

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