Monday, November 1, 2010

Feel Canada !

A window made by Resin (PVC) is not popular in Japan.
It’s only use for window frame or sash. Of course, It doesn’t cover a part of windowpane.

PVC technology are strong, durable, inexpensive and easy arrangement. PVC has strong structure like a honeycomb and air layer improve it’s insulation system. besides, The resin is easy to makeup and get it by reasonable price.

Condensation will never happen on the inside surfaces of this window.

That’s why over 90% of people in Canada and America adopted this PVC for their residence.

We import some PVC products from ACAN. They sent us 2 pieces of pictures on the below.

What a lovely home, it is!? In fact, these house are belongs to normal family.
It’s really Huge, isn’t it !!
You might have an image of that one of resort hotel or something public institution.
To be sure, Those windows are made by PVC.
Personally, I would like to build such a house for my own.

In Japan. Many people built houses with too many brilliant decorations.
In the contrary,
for example, less decorations, design of windows and performance with a color.
These are the most efficient to come up with real gorgeous.

What is the priority if you build an own house?
It’s “Design”
Original frame of house is not possible to change, even if you are able to do some.
What is the taste in architecture?
To quest the perspective of design?

Lastly, I would like to tell you a little more about PVC.
According to the law, Please note that it’s limited to use PVC in the most city area in Japan.
In the fire control area, It is prohibited to use these building materials unless any space between houses.

If you have any question about PVC.
please do not hesitate to contuct us.
We really recommend this high quality and valuable product.

This is the time. Yen is very strong right now.
Don’t miss it!!

By the way,
We adopted same sash from ACAN at the house in Toyata where we will have an open house on Nov.20th, 21st and 23rd.

Location map:


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