Friday, March 26, 2010

Our roof insulation is the absolute!

In Home Made, the asphalt shingle made in North America is usually used.

This roofing material is comprised of asphalt and glass fiber. So, it is light and highly flexible.

And the color of the surface is taken out by a grain of a natural stone and there is no color fade. It's different from Japanese painted roof material.

It is guaranteed for 30 years, though Japanese one should be painted after 10 years.

This roof material is soft, therefore, it was difficult to install some outside ventilation system in the roof up to now.

We are settled by high-density polypropylene which is twined like a net on the roof wrap sheet (shown it as white sheet in photo).

When you use an attic as a room, it will block heat from a roof off. And we install cellulose fiber insulation in the rafter. So, we achieve the double heat insulation system on the roof.

Air (humidity) goes through the roof wrap sheet, but water isn't let through it.

Even if interior humidity is passing through roofing plywood, we become able to release humidity at the space made by the polypropylene net for ventilation.

The other house builders install asphalt roofing sheet directly on the roof plywood as waterproof sheet. So, dew condensation is caused between the waterproof sheet and the roof plywood. And they cannot resolve the problem that water degrades plywood.

Of course, We, Home Made, use the cellulose which has function of absorption and desorption of moisture in a roof. And I also get the inside ventilation system to release humidity from a ventilation layer inside the roof.
Even if this outside ventilation system isn't adopted, roofing plywood isn't degraded.

Therefore to save the budget at the house building, I think it isn't even necessary to install the outside ventilation system, if you do not use an attic area.

Dulability depends on as natural providence and high quality in building technology.

You also know that a low-cost isn't compatible with high quality of course, right?

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's still the way. How about a kitchen? - C's house in Moriyama-

I showed a job site in Moriyama to the customer who build in Obu for his reference.

He wanted to check interior design, the color of the wall and the cabinet arrangement, etc.
I think that he will feel the elegant atmosphere here, but his house in Obu is designed a dignified image with quite atmosphere.
So, I think he could confirm that Home Made built houses with design variety in the wide range.

I'm always speaking to everyone about this thing. I build houses to use something which are the same manufacturer and the same spices approximately. But when they complete, the individuality of the customer goes out.

When I combine a wall in light beige with a tinge of orange color with beautiful pure white cabinet and knobs of bright brass, a kitchen is produced brightly.

And you can feel high grade here by a black kitchen counter, too.

We'd like to hold an open house here on April 10th (Sat) 11th (Sun). Time is 10:00-17:00.

When I receive a contact from you, I'll send a detailed map for e-mail.

Well, it'll be pleasant, when this house is completed. Do not miss it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's just Drywall!

Here is C's house in Moriyama-ku. The completion drew at the middle of next month. Now I am building in the most interesting part.

Carpentry work was alomost completed, and equipment and appliance will be installed accordingly.

An interior image is light natural feeling, but it adds with sophisticated elegant. I coordinate the interior as the photo, so that visitors might impress.

I take the photo at the same angle as I introduced the drywall preparation on the former post.

(Please check with a picture of following related blog article.)

When it's painted by Canadian PARA paints, beauty of the arch is the best.

And here is double hung windows with the half circle in front of the kitchen sink.

It was decorated with the wood trim moulding painted in white. Indeed, we feel the elegant atmosphere.

The colour of kitchen cabinet is pure white, too. So the contrast with the color of the wall is also elegant, isn't it?

Of course, I was considered them with my customer one by one.

I always consider a house design with much time. when it becomes real, customers are deeply moved, right?

That's, we, Home Made's true value.

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Drywall Preparation :

Purification ceremony before building breaking up - M's House in Toyota -

Time has passed a little, on February 20th (Sat) a purification ceremony was done in the house where my customer has lived.

The day was different from now and was a little chilly day, but it was the good day which cleared up.

There is the person who doesn't do such a purification ceremony and a Shinto ceremony of purifying a building site. But I think that such a thing is important in spite of religious belief and we need to say thanks to the old house and greeting to the land for new building.

Of course, well, you can confirm at the ceremony that it'll start now.

All of his own things has moved when the breaking up. But disused article is usually remaining there. In such a situation I always feel the memory which is left there.

He will also feel deep emotion to the house.

All the members purified every room together. It's a good thing, isn't it?

When the construction drawings complete, we start to build a new house. I'll make best effort for it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Run-on Work in M's project, Nishio city

The completion drew near at next week's end. Small jobs are still remaining there. though I have to do work much, now M's house building construction is in progress smoothly.

Installing a kitchen and equipments, concurrently, Coloring and painting are being done in sequence.

The oil named the color, "Olive" is coated on a solid pine flooring this time.

This natural oil paint added yellow to the dark brown a little.

While there are a lot of customers who like reddish brown recently, this customer choses the original color.

The wooden door, the frame and the interior mouldings are applied by this olive color.

The oil has no gloss because it's natural oil, but natural gloss is coming out one after another.

And the color of the flooring is also becoming dark one after another because of solid wood. After 10 years, it would be the quite antique interior.

Please image it and the color had not better be satisfied at the building completion. It's quite difficult, but important.

Oh, it's same as seasoning of a dish, isn't it?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Drywall preparation

I introduced the big arch at naked structure in former post.

I install gypsum boards on it with tape and compound as drywall finishing. It is beautiful, isn't it?

I need gypsum compound and labour so much to do such good work. It is just a professional job! I made the edge of opening round. You may feel it like the plaster wall in the region of the Mediterranean Sea.

I will paint a color here now in PARA paints. It becomes sophisticated surely, when it's finished.

At that time I will take a picture at the same place as this and will report it. Don't miss it.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

0291004 Retrospect

It’s a classical designed bowl. Recently, such an ancient style in a modern space has been able to work as a designing accent.
The wide apron around the bowl doesn’t allow any water splash even when kids are playing. Of course, the space can be used as soap tray, as an easiest inspiration.
Anyway, the white colour is the best for vanity; brilliant and sparkling.
It looks very good with this white tiled counter.

Pedestal vanity sink

The snow white vanity sink reflects on the faint purple wall. This vanity has no cabinets and is called “the pedestal type” in North America.
Her foot is on the image of roman column and helps to create a classical mood. The splash guard is engineered around the sink and you may get less water trouble. There are shell formed soap treys both sides of the tap.
Wider marble tiles are used for the floor, which works well for an ancient western atmosphere. We chose this old styled wrought iron mirror with regard to the lights.

Classical cute vanity faucet at Mr. Y’s house in Nisshin city

We set this lavatory faucet. Japanese major manufactures don’t make many cosy vanities set for narrow space. We have ever dealt with many Japanese ones, but I never found best ones: sometimes it was too big and sometimes design was not good…
This faucet’s tap and distributing pipe of rusty bronze-look are nice. The white valve lever creates comfortable mood, too.
A planter hanger made of pine wood supports the counter plate of pine, and also looks good with the floor tiles.
The carpentry work takes quite longer but the faucet becomes a pretty good point for your house.

Prairie Flower Pedestal

KOHLER, the most popular company of flower painting vanity bowl in Japan.
This is a pedestal type: the vanity bowl on a foot. Of course bowls without foot are also available in this flower series.
The flowers on this series are growing in the great prairie in central North America. Each flower is drawn by artisan hands.
For that reason of their time and skill, it costs quite expensive, but, for some customers there is no place instead of those flowers. You could understand by watching such beauty. It’s a treasure in your house.

Country style kitchen sink: Chandler

It may be not easy to meet such a classical country style kitchen in Japan as this one. The apron of a sink is wide and over the front panels. It looks like a bathtub, doesn’t it? Double-barrel kitchen works great with this!
This sink is standard kitchen style in North America, a “double-sink”. The one bowl is to retain water and wash vegetable, and the other is for dishes to be washed, etc.
We, Home Made Company, are honoured to help to realize your dreams.

Hampton Pedestal

This is a popular pedestal style in North America. The foot is formed in Greek column, and a waving backsplash is added on the bowl, which is comparatively wide. You may find the Birth of Venus of Botticelli on it. No risk even if your children splash about.
Both sides of the soap trays shaped a shell are installed on. Simple and cosy designs.

It happens often!

It’s not surprising in imported products. Especially, imported lighting’s shades are mostly made of glass. So, some troubles are occurred during the shipping.
The products are usually delivered by ocean shipment, but, according to the deliverly period, I requested to deliver 2 lighting fixures by air. Unfortunately, they all were not handled properly. Hence, they were broken. We all know the transport workers do not handle our bags carefully. So, fragile products can easily brake.  
Some Japanese can’t stand it and get angry. Japanese common sense is very rare all over the world: receiving the product in good condition, on time is extreamely important. We kindly ask for your understanding. After all, “We can install it upon receipt of replacement shade. Until then you can turn it on, can't you? it’s just a lighting”. So take it easy.

Maintenance of an awning window

The part to operate a PVC awning window in the bathroom has been rusted. I was requested advice about this problem by a customer.

Right away, I went to see the situation. The house was built 16 years ago and there is humidity in the bathroom. So that, one-third of the bracket for operation arm has been fallen off. The operation arm should be fixed by 2 screws but only in 1.

It has been taken a load on fellow for a long time and it breaks soon.

As for North American window, many window manufacturers are using the same part. So, it's possible to order a necessary part, even if we aren't handling the same window.

But in such a case, we must check the size and the shape in details. To procure it from an overseas manufacturer, builders have to comunicate with them in English. It's difficult for the other Japanese builder.

There are so many customers who built a western style house more than 10 years ago. So, I guess such question from a customer increases.

It takes so much time to settle such a problem, but I could not get the enough profit because of the small part.
However, I think that I should do it for an in trouble person, that I will contribute to social purpose.

If you're in trouble about such a thing, please don't be reserved. Please consult. We deal as much as possible.

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