Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's just Drywall!

Here is C's house in Moriyama-ku. The completion drew at the middle of next month. Now I am building in the most interesting part.

Carpentry work was alomost completed, and equipment and appliance will be installed accordingly.

An interior image is light natural feeling, but it adds with sophisticated elegant. I coordinate the interior as the photo, so that visitors might impress.

I take the photo at the same angle as I introduced the drywall preparation on the former post.

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When it's painted by Canadian PARA paints, beauty of the arch is the best.

And here is double hung windows with the half circle in front of the kitchen sink.

It was decorated with the wood trim moulding painted in white. Indeed, we feel the elegant atmosphere.

The colour of kitchen cabinet is pure white, too. So the contrast with the color of the wall is also elegant, isn't it?

Of course, I was considered them with my customer one by one.

I always consider a house design with much time. when it becomes real, customers are deeply moved, right?

That's, we, Home Made's true value.

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