Monday, March 22, 2010

It's still the way. How about a kitchen? - C's house in Moriyama-

I showed a job site in Moriyama to the customer who build in Obu for his reference.

He wanted to check interior design, the color of the wall and the cabinet arrangement, etc.
I think that he will feel the elegant atmosphere here, but his house in Obu is designed a dignified image with quite atmosphere.
So, I think he could confirm that Home Made built houses with design variety in the wide range.

I'm always speaking to everyone about this thing. I build houses to use something which are the same manufacturer and the same spices approximately. But when they complete, the individuality of the customer goes out.

When I combine a wall in light beige with a tinge of orange color with beautiful pure white cabinet and knobs of bright brass, a kitchen is produced brightly.

And you can feel high grade here by a black kitchen counter, too.

We'd like to hold an open house here on April 10th (Sat) 11th (Sun). Time is 10:00-17:00.

When I receive a contact from you, I'll send a detailed map for e-mail.

Well, it'll be pleasant, when this house is completed. Do not miss it!

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