Thursday, March 11, 2010

Run-on Work in M's project, Nishio city

The completion drew near at next week's end. Small jobs are still remaining there. though I have to do work much, now M's house building construction is in progress smoothly.

Installing a kitchen and equipments, concurrently, Coloring and painting are being done in sequence.

The oil named the color, "Olive" is coated on a solid pine flooring this time.

This natural oil paint added yellow to the dark brown a little.

While there are a lot of customers who like reddish brown recently, this customer choses the original color.

The wooden door, the frame and the interior mouldings are applied by this olive color.

The oil has no gloss because it's natural oil, but natural gloss is coming out one after another.

And the color of the flooring is also becoming dark one after another because of solid wood. After 10 years, it would be the quite antique interior.

Please image it and the color had not better be satisfied at the building completion. It's quite difficult, but important.

Oh, it's same as seasoning of a dish, isn't it?

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