Saturday, March 13, 2010

Purification ceremony before building breaking up - M's House in Toyota -

Time has passed a little, on February 20th (Sat) a purification ceremony was done in the house where my customer has lived.

The day was different from now and was a little chilly day, but it was the good day which cleared up.

There is the person who doesn't do such a purification ceremony and a Shinto ceremony of purifying a building site. But I think that such a thing is important in spite of religious belief and we need to say thanks to the old house and greeting to the land for new building.

Of course, well, you can confirm at the ceremony that it'll start now.

All of his own things has moved when the breaking up. But disused article is usually remaining there. In such a situation I always feel the memory which is left there.

He will also feel deep emotion to the house.

All the members purified every room together. It's a good thing, isn't it?

When the construction drawings complete, we start to build a new house. I'll make best effort for it.

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