Thursday, September 8, 2011

How about taking a bath in the tea time?

This bathtub is named Primula.

The dark brown frames, paneled apron and table, together with the dry flower and screen behind the tub, hare certainly some Japanese taste. But this tub will be suited for any decor.

It's more than 1.8 m long and the part for the back is slightly slanted, so it is big enough for one person to stretch his/her body and relax..

In Japan, we don't put a bathtub on the wooden floor like this, but it might become more common to see a bathtub as a part of interior decoration.

It's pretty cool to spend an afternoon in the bathtub with a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine and nice view outside.

If you take a bath at night, you can relieve all the tiredness, because, like other Canadian products, you can add some options such as jet bath, atmospheric lights, and massage get.

This product comes in two colors, white and light beige.

Outdoor living named Valencia

Today we will show you a living room set for outdoor use. This products is made by the manufactures whose wood stores we carry.

We can find outdoor tables and chairs in Japan, but most of them are made of either wood or plastic and look pretty cheap. And they are usually used on a beach or camp ground.

But in Canada, they seem to know how to enjoy their lives; using this gorgeous furniture, you could probably feel as if you were at a nice summer resort.

I think it's a wonderful idea to put such a nice table and chairs on a wood deck, surrounded by the lawn and trees.

It will be even better if you can see a high mountain or the sea in the distance.

You don't have to put them away even in the rain. This furniture's frame is made of anti rust aluminum, and the cloth and cushions are made of special fiber that doesn't easily deteriorate with dirt or sunshine.

It must be nice to listen to relaxing music like bossanova outdoors, with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of champagne in the evening.

Of course you can place an order for these tables and chairs as well as other import materials.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Import kitchen electric appliance which is reminiscent of 50s

What other people cannot do HOMEMADE.

Can you understandable the stubbornness from continuing to build imported house, although simple, modern has been the trend recently.

Personally, my favorite movie is American Graffiti, my favorite singers are Samuel Cooke and Elvis Presley.

The North American home electrical appliances that I found recently, is this.

Don’t you think the design looks like an old American car that was brought into the kitchen?

It goes without saying that the range as well as the dishwasher, micro wave, exhaust fan and refrigerator all have a retro American look to it.

North America and Japan use the same type of gas. However, we can’t use this gas range in Japan, because it has not been certified by the Japan gas association.

But, in Nagoya, we can use the gas top type radiant heater if the electromagnetic waves are less than IH.

The frequency is the same in West Japan and North America.

There are a lot of retro colors we can choose from, not just only red.

Price is a bit

high. However, it is good for people who want to enjoy designing their house.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gorgeous bathtub name "Macao"

There is a big bathtub in the center of the room. Using marble and dark wood finish around the bathtub, it was decorated like an "Asian Gorgeous".

Of course, with a finish like this, you have to construct the bathtub separately. However, this decorated finish doesn't exist if the bathtub doesn't exist.

In the square-shaped, 1.5 meter bathtub, the design, which is cut out to give it rounded shape, make it easier for the person to sit in the bathtub. The design looks like a four-leaf clover when looking at it from above.

It could call it a lucky bathtub.

Normally two adults can fit comfortably in the bath when it is this size. It is also possible for children to also fit in the bath.

Naturally, this bathtub has a jet bath, so you can relax and soak in the tub.

This bathtub which is made in Canada, has been given a depth of nearly 50cm.

Usually, European people aren't accustomed to taking a bath with the water up to their necks. The reason for this depth is the conscious awareness of the Japanese culture.

Whirlpool cleaner for jet bath

Like domestic one, whirlpools make bubbles by circulating the air in the room and water in the bathtub with an electric pump.

If you use the whirlpool(bath) every day, dirt doesn’t accumulate so much. Some scale still accumulates in water pipes, though.

Whirlpools are not so common in Japan, so most shops don’t carry whirlpool cleaners.

However, they are widely available in North America.

This cleaner was introduced by a bathtub distributor we do business with.

It’s highly recommended as it decomposes bacteria, get rid of sebum and dirt, and removes bad smells.

Of course, it doesn’t damage bathtubs made of acrylic resin or FRP.

All you have to do is to put this cleaner in the water, and allow the system to run for 15 minutes.

If you want safe, environmentally friendly whirlpool cleaner, this is a must, isn’t it?

If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Girl from Ipanema

I remember there was an old bossanova song with such title.

The colorful design(of this sink) reminds you of a beach in Rio de Janeiro.

You might also think the design reminds you of Japanese pottery or kimono.

This washbowl counter is the latest model manufactured by Kohler Co., which also makes the washbowl with Prairie flower paints.

It’s so unique, and yet unpleasant at all.

This washbowl counter consists of two parts, the counter and the under sink.

Of course, they are used together, so the pattern continues seamlessly as if it was one sink.

I am sure customers will be surprised if they see such a unique washbowl counter.

There is just one problem in shipping this item, though.

Since sink are very fragile, there is a risk that they are damaged during shipping.

So please be aware of the risk when you place an order.

Flower-Shaped Bathroom Washbowl

Isn’t this a charmingly designed washbowl?

It is a ‘drop-in’ type of washbowl which fits onto the top of a bathroom counter.

This washbowl is cast resin and you can find this kind recently in Japan.

The raw material is polyethylene.

By using this material, such a shape becomes possible.

Resin casting is simple, so even though the washbowl is made in Canada, the price is good value.

If you use the washbowl in the normal way, you would not have any problems. You should avoid strong detergents and pointed metals. These items may cause the washbowl to melt and create scratches.

Of cause, using items like that would also help to create grime.

If you are aware of these things, we recommend this washbowl which combines both price and design.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Monotone bathtub

This time we are showing a simple, modern bathtub that doesn't appear to be from an imported house.

Usually, for most North American bathtubs, a box is made and the bathtub is then put on the box.
As shown in this picture, as an option, a skirt that is connected to the wall panel can be attached to the bathtub.

The advantage of having an attached skirt is that you can dismantle the skirt, making it easy to do maintenance on the bubble motor and plumbing fixtures on your jet bath.

However, in Japan, we must waterproof the bath in order to protect it from water going under the bathtub because Japanese take a shower outside of the bathtub.

Which means we have to keep in mind that the panel will be fixed and sealed.

It seems some designs differences with Japanese one.

We can feel care about as follow.
There is a metal furniture attached shower next to bathtub.
There is a dent for as near as possible to apron when you enter the bathtub.

It may be relax and mind went blank like a bathtub.