Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Import kitchen electric appliance which is reminiscent of 50s

What other people cannot do HOMEMADE.

Can you understandable the stubbornness from continuing to build imported house, although simple, modern has been the trend recently.

Personally, my favorite movie is American Graffiti, my favorite singers are Samuel Cooke and Elvis Presley.

The North American home electrical appliances that I found recently, is this.

Don’t you think the design looks like an old American car that was brought into the kitchen?

It goes without saying that the range as well as the dishwasher, micro wave, exhaust fan and refrigerator all have a retro American look to it.

North America and Japan use the same type of gas. However, we can’t use this gas range in Japan, because it has not been certified by the Japan gas association.

But, in Nagoya, we can use the gas top type radiant heater if the electromagnetic waves are less than IH.

The frequency is the same in West Japan and North America.

There are a lot of retro colors we can choose from, not just only red.

Price is a bit

high. However, it is good for people who want to enjoy designing their house.

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