Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gorgeous bathtub name "Macao"

There is a big bathtub in the center of the room. Using marble and dark wood finish around the bathtub, it was decorated like an "Asian Gorgeous".

Of course, with a finish like this, you have to construct the bathtub separately. However, this decorated finish doesn't exist if the bathtub doesn't exist.

In the square-shaped, 1.5 meter bathtub, the design, which is cut out to give it rounded shape, make it easier for the person to sit in the bathtub. The design looks like a four-leaf clover when looking at it from above.

It could call it a lucky bathtub.

Normally two adults can fit comfortably in the bath when it is this size. It is also possible for children to also fit in the bath.

Naturally, this bathtub has a jet bath, so you can relax and soak in the tub.

This bathtub which is made in Canada, has been given a depth of nearly 50cm.

Usually, European people aren't accustomed to taking a bath with the water up to their necks. The reason for this depth is the conscious awareness of the Japanese culture.

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