Monday, September 5, 2011

Flower-Shaped Bathroom Washbowl

Isn’t this a charmingly designed washbowl?

It is a ‘drop-in’ type of washbowl which fits onto the top of a bathroom counter.

This washbowl is cast resin and you can find this kind recently in Japan.

The raw material is polyethylene.

By using this material, such a shape becomes possible.

Resin casting is simple, so even though the washbowl is made in Canada, the price is good value.

If you use the washbowl in the normal way, you would not have any problems. You should avoid strong detergents and pointed metals. These items may cause the washbowl to melt and create scratches.

Of cause, using items like that would also help to create grime.

If you are aware of these things, we recommend this washbowl which combines both price and design.

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