Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whirlpool cleaner for jet bath

Like domestic one, whirlpools make bubbles by circulating the air in the room and water in the bathtub with an electric pump.

If you use the whirlpool(bath) every day, dirt doesn’t accumulate so much. Some scale still accumulates in water pipes, though.

Whirlpools are not so common in Japan, so most shops don’t carry whirlpool cleaners.

However, they are widely available in North America.

This cleaner was introduced by a bathtub distributor we do business with.

It’s highly recommended as it decomposes bacteria, get rid of sebum and dirt, and removes bad smells.

Of course, it doesn’t damage bathtubs made of acrylic resin or FRP.

All you have to do is to put this cleaner in the water, and allow the system to run for 15 minutes.

If you want safe, environmentally friendly whirlpool cleaner, this is a must, isn’t it?

If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

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