Thursday, September 8, 2011

How about taking a bath in the tea time?

This bathtub is named Primula.

The dark brown frames, paneled apron and table, together with the dry flower and screen behind the tub, hare certainly some Japanese taste. But this tub will be suited for any decor.

It's more than 1.8 m long and the part for the back is slightly slanted, so it is big enough for one person to stretch his/her body and relax..

In Japan, we don't put a bathtub on the wooden floor like this, but it might become more common to see a bathtub as a part of interior decoration.

It's pretty cool to spend an afternoon in the bathtub with a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine and nice view outside.

If you take a bath at night, you can relieve all the tiredness, because, like other Canadian products, you can add some options such as jet bath, atmospheric lights, and massage get.

This product comes in two colors, white and light beige.

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