Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The brickwork's house in Canada

I got acquainted on facebook with a Canadian bricklayer friend who came in before. He sent me this photograph today.

It seems his house, and he says it's a brickwork's house.

Brickwork houses we're building are basically constructed with wooden two-by-fours and we lay bricks around as exterior finishing material, while it's great that this house is made by brick even in construction itself, isn't it?

Of course, if we build this in Japan, we have to get a certificate of an earthquake-proof structure, and I think we can't do a business if we don't surely set quakeproof metal fittings in case of quake.

But, this is exactly the brick house in 'The Three Little Pigs' of a fairy tale.

This house was completed surprisingly in 1885, which is stood on beautiful nature in Ontario.

It has already been as many as 125 years, but the beauty doesn't look old at all.

Our imported house should also become loved for such a long time if you keep up even maintenance.

Now, looking at this house, do you think the latest model of house made by Japanese major homebuilders is as highly durable as this one?

To be beloved long, we know from this house that materials and design are important.

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