Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It’s Just like a Castle, Isn’t It?


We have finished Mr. N’s bricklaying construction, imported house in Gifu city.

It took about 1 month for 2 Canadian bricklayers to build it.
Because this was a street used by children going to and from the local elementary school, they greeted children every morning and evening.
As there are not many chances in Japan to experience native English, isn’t this interaction a superb experience for children, too?

How do you feel about this – a general view of brickwork in whitish gray?
2 penthouses rising on the southern side. Substantial impression enough to mistake it for stone-built. And distinguished technique of only the bricklayers’.
Picking any part, I believe the building is unfinished unless all of our efforts come together.
We still need much time to complete all the construction, but please watch the changes of it from now on.

Now, next bricklaying will be in Handa city in Aichi Prefecture. Please look forward to seeing this place.

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