Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I’d like a Front Door like This One at Least Once


Today is part two of introducing what I saw on a tour of building materials’ inspection in Canada.

Not only Japanese-made doors but also imported house’s doors have recently become standard. Much of the reason is that product’s variations become less available because the imported house boom was over and the sales from imported building materials stores decreased.

Also, as the quality drops a little and amateur eyes don’t find differences, it’s cheaper and more profitable to have it made in China than in North America.

That is why nowadays imported houses are the same anywhere and not fun.

We also use a cost-effective strategy, but it’s against our policy to put that first.

First of all, quality, and next design. I feel this trip has made us rediscover that.

Our clients don’t ask for cheapness. They ask for emotion and satisfaction, and the process of building a house isn’t fun if it doesn’t entertain us, that’s my policy.

How about this front door? The full-size double door arranged with a sidelight on
both sides. Transom door drawing beautiful curves. Isn’t it wonderful!

The outside door has an even surface and is given a mirror coating like furniture
and is finished in purple-gray. Wow, stylish!

And on the inside there’s a sudden change and is wood-grain oak like a man on every
side, finished to match classical and luxurious interiors. Of course it’s not printed
plywood in Japan, but it’s truly wooden, isn’t it?

This door’s made in Canada – that’s exactly why we can make design performance
and rich materials such as this.

Come now, it’s a pretty expensive door, but I’ll bet it’s an excellent item worthy of
your money.

It’s only us who can introduce this door and materials to you.

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