Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Princess? Or Queen?

As our customers wished, I went and saw many kinds of furniture in design.

Though sold by a furniture store in Toronto, prices and quantities are complete
because of wholesale. It is about three times as large an area as a big Japanese
furniture store because the showroom is in a place that used to be a big bricklaying

This time I’ll introduce this bed. It doesn’t have a foot board, the headboard is
enlivened by crystal buttonhook and the golden rim is a classical design.
The size is queen-size, so a married couple can lie comfortably on the bed even
with a child in between them.
This bed’s design suits that brief moment when morning’s refreshing wind blows
a lace curtain during that enjoyable lingering moment after your sleep.

If you choose this bed, I’d like to recommend that the interior and door are in
white and that the interior is in an elegant atmosphere.
Of course it’s also interesting to have the bed in dark brown and make it outstanding...

Excluding the mattress and fabric, do you think it is cheap to be able to buy it for
300,000 yen in Japan?

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