Friday, August 31, 2012

This Hotel is also in Niagara-on-the-lake...

On July 10th through 15th, I took a client’s family of an imported house in Gifu city to Toronto in Canada.

I have just gone on a tour of inspecting imported materials, but it’s been quite a long time since I went and chose customer’s furniture and interior.
This time there was a sudden request to go there that I couldn’t reserve any B&Bs we always stay at.
Because of that and for a change, they allowed me to make plans to stay at a vintage hotel in Niagara-on-the-lake, a beautiful town near Niagara, for a night.

Apart from slightly larger rooms, it would seem the hotel’s atmosphere isn’t so different from a general urban hotel’s, but the exterior and lobby’s design are luxury in itself.
It fully deserves to be called vintage, doesn’t it? Of course, the outer wall is brickwork!

Client's children were delighted because there were many squirrels around the hotel and in the town.
These sights can't be seen in Japan, but there is similar scenery in a large city, Toronto too. What a mysterious country Canada is!


I Wish Japan Were Made Like this Landscape

Yesterday I talked about a Canadian classic hotel, today I’ll show you a picture of a townscape.

Niagara-on-the-lake is a small country town quite near Niagara Falls. On a journey from Niagara Falls to here, wine vineyards are spread out and scenery that is beautiful and full of green continue.
It is Niagara-on-the-lake, the town that is surrounded by that greenery.
To make you feel the old history, large roadside trees grow, and colorful buildings stand crowdedly in a line on both sides of the main street.

The red brick building you can see far away is another classic hotel, Prince of Wales Hotel.
This hotel fascinates you with the design that reminds you of medieval Britain.

We should love history, treat nature with care and be proud of beautiful scenery.
In Japan of recent years, such landscape preservation has been called for,
but if values toward old things aren’t reviewed, we may lose it someday.
I think it is important to find highly added value in such things like old things or beautiful things.

We should also make such houses, shouldn’t we?

A Daring Position

The shower is positioned right in the center of the room.
This is the Bathroom an American plumbing equipment maker proposed (In Japan, Bathroom only means the shower area; but in America the washbasin and shower area are in the same room).

First, the large space surprises us.
The picture makes me feel the size of this room must be around 13-16 ㎡.
Ordinary Japanese designers certainly plan that the shower is pushed against the wall in the corner of the room, but this shower is being installed massively like a main object.

In fact many Americans, particularly men, tend to think the shower has more priority over the bathtub.
Unlike the Japanese, who don't feel they've bathed unless they soak in the tub, a shower which Americans can wash off their sweat over and over again, is a must for them.
This lifestyle is the reason for this daring room arrangement, I think.

Also by doing this, the back of the shower room becomes screened, so I feel there is careful attention to the fact as well that if  the room's door is on the back side and someone opens the door, they can't see the person in the shower.
This will make it possible for others to use the vanity while a person is taking a shower.

I think both the size of its windows and its arrangement are conceptual designs that Japanese people won't easily think of.
It might be possible to build it even in Japan if a building has about 330㎡ of floor space. But it would be difficult because there's no designer who's got this idea (laughing).

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Memory of Venice

This illuminator is a full 80cm high and a big product.

So one might say that it's suitable exterior lighting for a decoration at the profound

Its design is a raindrop's pattern which represents rain of Venice in Italy.
The gently curved glass is designed to look covered with waterdrops.
4 lights in the chandelier can be fit that is the maximum 40-watt light bulb.
The body is given an antique bronze-coloured finish, but material is itself aluminium so durability is taken into account, too.

Also the other variation in a black colour is available and you can choose a colour of your choice to suit your location. 

Isn't it indescribably beautiful--the light coming through the glass makes the appearance of the wall look different?
This piece is a real beauty that we can be steeped in memory of  Europe each time we see this.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The jet bath in the shape of a waterdrop

This is a Canadian-made corner bathtub with the idea of enjoying a leisurely atmosphere alone.
The color in this picture is white, but it is available in all 12 colors.

It's a lot of fun being able to choose a jet stream from a whirlpool, massage air, active air, or the like according to your preference.
Of course you can combine these jet streams, too.

If you want to produce the atmosphere, what about setting up an illumination inside the bathtub adopting chromotherapy?
Certainly, you'll be freed, both mentally and physically by the beautiful form and function of relaxation.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Bedside Lamp in Art Deco Design

Art Deco movement had happened since Paris International Exhibition in 1925.

It had developed using a free concept that wasn't before, for example a geometric pattern, a streamline shape, a pattern that deformed lightning or the sun and so on.
Also, we can't miss having made stuff that was suited to practical use.
Here's the bedside lamp made in Art Deco design.
It expresses how a fairy in the form of a girl opens her arms and goes toward the light of illumination designed of the sky.
The fabric shade that is elegantly draped feels the antiqueness of the times.
And isn't the shiny black bronze color looking good?
Antique design contrasts more with the brilliance of fairy wings.

How about the bedside lamp in this design by your bedside or a sofa?