Friday, August 31, 2012

A Daring Position

The shower is positioned right in the center of the room.
This is the Bathroom an American plumbing equipment maker proposed (In Japan, Bathroom only means the shower area; but in America the washbasin and shower area are in the same room).

First, the large space surprises us.
The picture makes me feel the size of this room must be around 13-16 ㎡.
Ordinary Japanese designers certainly plan that the shower is pushed against the wall in the corner of the room, but this shower is being installed massively like a main object.

In fact many Americans, particularly men, tend to think the shower has more priority over the bathtub.
Unlike the Japanese, who don't feel they've bathed unless they soak in the tub, a shower which Americans can wash off their sweat over and over again, is a must for them.
This lifestyle is the reason for this daring room arrangement, I think.

Also by doing this, the back of the shower room becomes screened, so I feel there is careful attention to the fact as well that if  the room's door is on the back side and someone opens the door, they can't see the person in the shower.
This will make it possible for others to use the vanity while a person is taking a shower.

I think both the size of its windows and its arrangement are conceptual designs that Japanese people won't easily think of.
It might be possible to build it even in Japan if a building has about 330㎡ of floor space. But it would be difficult because there's no designer who's got this idea (laughing).

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