Monday, October 25, 2010

The Beauty In The House

Today I found a nice photograph from my old data glossary. It is a one of our showcase of Staircase. Although we completed that almost seven years ago, still keeps beauty.

This Staircase made from solid pine and the design is Quarter Landing Staircase.

We usually provide with Straight Staircase in case the space has a huge floor.

By the way, there weren’t enough space of height between first floor and second floor ceiling due to it is the mezzanine. One day the customer has got a nice idea for a space under the staircase to install a mini-library! Therefore we recommended this type of staircase.

I was hardly studied about many parts of stair in detail to combine then picked up one by one to reach what a customer wants.

Nowadays the house builder who knows materials in North America is fewer than before, then I think we are the one of a best company which can provide you with a right value of houses with all our might!

Anyway, as you can see the decorations called Stair Bracket under treads. It will be available only in Home Made. Other parts of banister, Volute is shaped as its name, and Four Risers Quarter-turn has more gorgeous design. Here is one of the highlight in this house.

As I said all parts of this Staircase made from a solid pine. It is soft wood therefore the Baluster has designed a little thick than a solid oak even a same design.

How wonderful the Canadian supplier is considering about design according to materials in such as tiny details!

Of course, we would love to show you more other various designs of stairs so do not hesitate to ask & contact us. We appreciate to make your own Sweet Home, together!

Let's go, Open House on Nov. 20th, 21st and 23rd!

I introduce an open house in Toyota, Aichi Pref. This is a brick cladding house. A Canadian bricklayer has installed whole bricks at exterior. And I will complete this house in the middle of Nov.

So we'd like to hold an open house on Nov. 20th (Sat), 21st (Sun) and 23rd(Tue) prior to delivery. Time is 10:00-17:00.

This picture is an exterior view. You can see the arched brick beam and quoin corners at entrance.

The Canadian materials are also one of highlights, a whirlpool in bath room, Canadian appliances in kitchen, a wood burning stove, built-in garages, drywall interior and central air conditioner, etc.

The map is as follows, but if you are not available on the days, it's possible to guide you on a different day.
In the case, please contact us any time.

House address: 8-3, Hachiman, Maebayashi-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Pref., Japan

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Refreshing Day!

These days ago I went for a ride by a motorcycle to Hida Takayama with my friend.

The motorcycle was a rental one. It was quite convenient, thank you KPS ! I felt very excited but actually it was scary because I haven’t ride a motorcycle in fifteen years ! And was also first time to ride a four stroke 400cc, I used to ride a two stroke 250cc one.

In the beginning, I was confusing about cornering.. but It’s like riding a bicycle. After a while, I didn’t consider much about that!

We took highway through rote22 to go to Takayama.

While riding a wind blows really hard to my body when the speed is over 80km/hr. Then again, I began to consider what dangerous if I blew off by a crosswind, so scary!!

Well, I think I didn’t care such a thing long time ago..Anyway, We arrived Takayama lastly.

For lunch we choose a one of famous and popular Yakisoba&Rahmen Restaurants “Chitose” not only for the strangers but also for local people. Yakisoba Teishoku I choose was so good.

I really enjoyed the short trip to there and left.

When halfway passed, we stopped at gas station. After a few second, I noticed that unfortunately I was forgot my wallet!! But luckily I could I remember the last time I used mine was.. “Chitose”! Then immediately I searched telephone number of there and called.

Then a kind women’s voice answered to me, she said “Yes, certainly I am keeping it.” It was found by a customer that I can remember a couple of women who were sitting next to us!

I appreciate they are being so kind. And she said that she will send me it right away.

Lastly she found that one of their worker’s relative live in near my home, what a coincidence! This is sometimes happen, I think it is by a twist of fete. I shall go there again.

By the way, I’ve perfectly enjoyed and refreshed. Ah, now already thinking about next time...

A Steady Works Of Home Made

Our company give the last finish to interior walls and ceilings in a North American style called Drywall.

It never tears or peels off as wallpaper so that easily to repair unprofessionally with a few of plaster putty and safety water paints even if some place cracked or stained.

It is truly beautiful when light up this wall.

Unlike the wallpaper, there are many processes to carry out the Drywall.

Actually it needs some particular tools and materials in addition its in different order, it is a not easy choice.

Unfortunately, I often see some of house builders are not giving Primer, they just apply final paints on plaster boards directly due to reduce the process.

The plaster board may be absorbed paints. Any import paint manufactures never recommends this method.

We certainly can carry out the Drywall according to the proper rules of it.

We put water-based Primer as undercoating on the wall then give the final paints on it twice. This is a special tip for finishing a beautiful Drywall.

In fact the finishing paints are easily takes into a plaster boards or wooden parts due to the surface is covered by paper material so that it will be waste paints. The primer prevents a plaster board to it soaked up paints.

It also aids the final coat by giving an even finish, allowing the paint to properly adhere to the smooth primer layer.

Not only that, it covers some dirt rose to the surface of the plasterboard.

Those are our proud of the works of the Drywall.

My another blog of PARA Primer is following (Japanese) ;

Friday, October 15, 2010

Maintaining Your Window Screen

Many of imported window screen is fixed to the window with pins. As you can see in this photo ; a set of screen pin of Marvins ; are made of plastic.

Unfortunately it possible to deteriorate due to weather naturally, then perhaps it possible to be broken in ten years later or so. Therefore if there are some replacements it is very useful.

Living in Imported house, living in Japan, preparation is very important to our house.

In generally many of imported house builder doesn't have some stock of replacements, I suppose.

Anyhow Home Made is going to minority way we can not prepare perfectly of replacements, though so we are considering about how to get it anytime you need.

In my opinion, it is likely that domestic (Japanese) standard of windows could be changed or stopped to provide important parts suddenly in ten years or so.

To compare with import sashes, I think it is more kind for customers than the domestic one.

Imports are quite long lusting also the company can stock the replacements for a long time. In fact, I would recommend that you just keep some spare parts for your windows.

In addition some imported windows are available; fiberglass screens which has high durability and more strong than domestic, plastic one in our stock.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Triple Built-In Garage Doors

This is a House we’ve almost finished these days, located in Obu city, south of Nagoya city.

This time I took this photo focused on those wooden garage doors.

The triple garage doors are installed on the red-bricks wall. The colors and tiles pattern in this layout feels like a music, I mean nice combination of materials.

In regard to function, the transmitter would transmit on a designated frequency; the receiver would listen for the radio signal, then open or close the garage, depending on the door position. It means it can never opens by someone from the out side.

Then talk about a security, open it by hands is possible in case of emergency. What to do in that situation is just pull down a rope tied to a safety device to release back towers door opener only from inside.

By the way, I think materials from North America are quite Simple but Sturdy. I can see some considerations in details.

Today I realized again, the import house building has many many possibility and, "dreams".

How wonderful to have a huge garages, it will absolutely admire car/motorcycle fans.
Have a nice dream!

What a Neat, Carpet Flooring !

In here Japan, I have seen some people would rather to choose a wooden flooring than a carpet one.
Why because they just want to avoid a severe dust mite allergy that I really understand.
Anyhow in my opinion, sometimes people have a wrong impression in regard to a carpet flooring.

On the other hand, Carpet flooring is still common in the North America so far.

By the way, If you are looking to add warmth and quiet elegance in your home, I would like to recommend the Carpet flooring installation your home, then show you a beautiful example of it.

In this photo, I think its very magnificent combination of white wooden doors, drywall and the Carpet flooring! Especially golden door knobs or hinges are making effects to brighten the room up.

This carpet is made in Canada, the pile deep is about 10mm to 15mm also its waterproofed.

Therefore even if some juice spilled on this carpet it does not soak into the structural lumber. Just in that case, wipe it immediately with wring out towel then it is enough.

In addition it also has mite-proofed. What a tip to make the carpet safe is just keep air dry in your room!
We usually put urethane pads on all floor under the carpet to make it more softer. It must be comfortable on your feet.

Why don't you choose a carpet flooring if you admire to make a house as an American style,
I think it would be best for you.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Toyota 2000GT and Home Made's Creativity

This is a classic car, Toyota 2000 GT, manufactured in 1967.

I recently saw this at the LEXUS showroom in the Midland Square.

It recognized that I also meet a first Nissan-Skyline GT-R, just six month ago, it seems I’ve seen series of great cars in the past these days.

May I say I prefer a old or classic cars than a modern cars, or its just unsuitable for me a modern cars are...?

Anyway, I was very excited because it was the first time to meet such a close to 2000GT!

It was quite good condition, I guess it carried from Toyota Museum?

It designed very cool from this photo angle even so center of gravity was almost twenty to eighty from the right side ! Awesome.

Well, actually that design reminds me that my car Suzuki Cappuccino is designed like, pushed the back sheet against the rear tire.

However I imagined Japan was energetic very much when that kind of design has coming up.
I hope their manufacturing could be live as long as they can.

Then I've overlapped to think about design both the 2000GT and a house of Home Made.
We should provide a house for a customer who can really sure to be proud of it to their children.

Therefore a design is one of the most important elements to reach a high level of quality and durability, what I realized again today. How do you think of it?

The Imported House, Just Like a Castle

Now this house is constructing in Toyota city and will be complete few weeks later.

This time we choose to laid a bricks named “Heritage Gray” for brick veneer wall.

Those bricks has a rugged surface almost like a stone.
Then about the color, those were formerly red but coated by white sand therefore this bricks are wearing pinkish gray then it is looks like white in a whole picture.

Actually, those bricks are named gray but that’s really like a white castle in the dream. Isn't this fabulous? We are proud of our materials, perhaps, no one cannot provide such a nice bricks?

Sometime later you can see completely how beautiful this house.

We are planing for an Open House in the middle of November,2010,
but if you would like see more details just contact us any time.
I shall be pleased to show you our proud of lovely works!

The Mirror Wall Cabinet Has Been Rare

This is one of the houses showcasing our work in Kariya city.

And it was partly designed by one of our female staff.
When she joined our company, she was a new graduate, so she needed to be trained from the very beginning.
I'm sure that she had to study really hard and had some tough times back then.

The cabinet and counter in the washroom was designed by her. Actually, I had to ask her to redesign it many times until we can could share the design with the client.
And then, we had some meetings with the client for the final design.

It was made by natural color oak and we put a pure white counter on it.

The imported cabinet and counter are custom-built and there weren't any other choices. It shows the brightness and cleanliness, and I think it also express the atmosphere of the customer.
And then, she used a dolphin shaped faucet. It's easy to imagine that children love to use it. About the mirror, fortunately there was a medicine cabinet in our stock, which perfectly fits to the room.

The medicine cabinet is quite useful for putting goods away around the washbasin like toothbrushes, or cosmetics, and so on, but recently it has been rare in North America. And what I hope is this kind of old design loved by every generations.

I really would recommend especially for Japanese people who prefer to use storage, in addition there is a function of the mirror! It will make washbasin keep clean.