Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Refreshing Day!

These days ago I went for a ride by a motorcycle to Hida Takayama with my friend.

The motorcycle was a rental one. It was quite convenient, thank you KPS ! I felt very excited but actually it was scary because I haven’t ride a motorcycle in fifteen years ! And was also first time to ride a four stroke 400cc, I used to ride a two stroke 250cc one.

In the beginning, I was confusing about cornering.. but It’s like riding a bicycle. After a while, I didn’t consider much about that!

We took highway through rote22 to go to Takayama.

While riding a wind blows really hard to my body when the speed is over 80km/hr. Then again, I began to consider what dangerous if I blew off by a crosswind, so scary!!

Well, I think I didn’t care such a thing long time ago..Anyway, We arrived Takayama lastly.

For lunch we choose a one of famous and popular Yakisoba&Rahmen Restaurants “Chitose” not only for the strangers but also for local people. Yakisoba Teishoku I choose was so good.

I really enjoyed the short trip to there and left.

When halfway passed, we stopped at gas station. After a few second, I noticed that unfortunately I was forgot my wallet!! But luckily I could I remember the last time I used mine was.. “Chitose”! Then immediately I searched telephone number of there and called.

Then a kind women’s voice answered to me, she said “Yes, certainly I am keeping it.” It was found by a customer that I can remember a couple of women who were sitting next to us!

I appreciate they are being so kind. And she said that she will send me it right away.

Lastly she found that one of their worker’s relative live in near my home, what a coincidence! This is sometimes happen, I think it is by a twist of fete. I shall go there again.

By the way, I’ve perfectly enjoyed and refreshed. Ah, now already thinking about next time...

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