Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Steady Works Of Home Made

Our company give the last finish to interior walls and ceilings in a North American style called Drywall.

It never tears or peels off as wallpaper so that easily to repair unprofessionally with a few of plaster putty and safety water paints even if some place cracked or stained.

It is truly beautiful when light up this wall.

Unlike the wallpaper, there are many processes to carry out the Drywall.

Actually it needs some particular tools and materials in addition its in different order, it is a not easy choice.

Unfortunately, I often see some of house builders are not giving Primer, they just apply final paints on plaster boards directly due to reduce the process.

The plaster board may be absorbed paints. Any import paint manufactures never recommends this method.

We certainly can carry out the Drywall according to the proper rules of it.

We put water-based Primer as undercoating on the wall then give the final paints on it twice. This is a special tip for finishing a beautiful Drywall.

In fact the finishing paints are easily takes into a plaster boards or wooden parts due to the surface is covered by paper material so that it will be waste paints. The primer prevents a plaster board to it soaked up paints.

It also aids the final coat by giving an even finish, allowing the paint to properly adhere to the smooth primer layer.

Not only that, it covers some dirt rose to the surface of the plasterboard.

Those are our proud of the works of the Drywall.

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