Thursday, October 14, 2010

What a Neat, Carpet Flooring !

In here Japan, I have seen some people would rather to choose a wooden flooring than a carpet one.
Why because they just want to avoid a severe dust mite allergy that I really understand.
Anyhow in my opinion, sometimes people have a wrong impression in regard to a carpet flooring.

On the other hand, Carpet flooring is still common in the North America so far.

By the way, If you are looking to add warmth and quiet elegance in your home, I would like to recommend the Carpet flooring installation your home, then show you a beautiful example of it.

In this photo, I think its very magnificent combination of white wooden doors, drywall and the Carpet flooring! Especially golden door knobs or hinges are making effects to brighten the room up.

This carpet is made in Canada, the pile deep is about 10mm to 15mm also its waterproofed.

Therefore even if some juice spilled on this carpet it does not soak into the structural lumber. Just in that case, wipe it immediately with wring out towel then it is enough.

In addition it also has mite-proofed. What a tip to make the carpet safe is just keep air dry in your room!
We usually put urethane pads on all floor under the carpet to make it more softer. It must be comfortable on your feet.

Why don't you choose a carpet flooring if you admire to make a house as an American style,
I think it would be best for you.


  1. A room with carpet flooring looks well polished and chic. It also gives a wave of comfort to the space.

  2. That rug will give your room an artistic and playful flare. It will surely give your room a great character.

  3. Yeah, there is a certain warmth and elegance when using carpets as your flooring, and people say that it has a professional appeal to it, just like what you commonly see in offices. Now, talking about that photo, the combination is perfect, since it gives emphasis on the cleanliness and simplicity of the room!

  4. Take proper care of your floor carpet and make sure nothing gets spilled on it. The more you'll be careful about your carpet the lesser you would need to spend on carpet cleaning products.

  5. A room with carpet flooring looks well polished and chic. It also gives a wave of comfort to the space.