Saturday, February 27, 2010

Solid Model - N's House in Ohbu -

I have written a scene of framing work in N's project lately. And a soild model of this house was just completed, though it is a little different from the original drawing.
I noticed him it and he came to my office shortly. He seems to wait for this for a long time.
I suppose that he will be so pleased to see a 3-D house instead of a drawing.
I designed a house which looks big, as the land is along a road at east long side and there are triple garage doors orderly like a town house. And also windows goes in line.
I will install whole bricks as exterior cladding. If it's done, I think they're highlights.
The chimney is not a fake and a wood stove will be put on.
When you have such a model in your hand, an image spreads again.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lamp shades show the ceiling beautiful

The lightings which we import from North America are mostly set light bulb of candle shape. Incandescent bulbs are classic and nice, if you cover them with fabric shades, the lights become faint and elegant.
So, the fabric lamp shade looks gorgeous on the ceiling. The translucent fabric creates superb shadows. With lightproof shades, it looks different.
Indirect lighting shows your rooms fantastic.

From the Moomin valley? K-9352AGZ

Almost all lightings for Mr. Y’s house are made of Canadian wrought iron.
The entrance pouch lighting is what I have wanted to try for a long time. It gives faint light over the entrance. The waving shade looks Snufkin’s hut. The funny design particular from overseas gives some impression and serenity.
You can share it with your neighbours.

Tiffany’s Chandelier 65114

Tiffany, the most famous stained glass product. Everyone knows it.
It’s not few who like this colours even though Tiffany also has simple and flowing design.
This picture is quite small to describe, but actually it’s a big one: height 54.5 inch, Dia. 38.5 inch. So, this chandelier requests a room in 110 SQF or more and a stairwell.
For a simple modern or natural country style house, it does not suit their favorite, but if you like elegant style, this Tiffany will be your family’s treasure.

Anyway, can you exchange the bulbs?!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heritage Grey

This colour is different from major red bricks. It’s named “Grey”. But actually, the base is reddish clay. So, the washy red appears somewhere on the surface and it looks kind of pinkish from a distance. It’s a unique feature of this brick. Texture on the surface makes an antique mood.

This Canadian bricks were laid for Mr. F’s house in Yagoto, Nagoya. It’s on the base of the image of a “white castle in fairy tails ”. The total amount of the bricks for thins house is 8,000 pieces. We invited three bricklayers from Canada.
Please check our web for the details of Mr. F’s “Dreams come true”:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Job, Canadian Guys!

We almost completed a construction frame work of N's project in Ohbu.
Now we have worked with Canadian framers at frame work and their job looks so nice and speedy.
Since I asked them a framing at C's project in Moriyama, they are working together. Because they are earnest on work and their skill is excellent.
So, my jobsite is always clean and accurate.
Japanese always says that Japanese works hard, but regarding house building, I think they have a craftmanship.

In this picture they put a plywood on the rafter as underlayment for roof.
They are men of iron nerves in such steep slope!
Do you want to build a real western style house by Canadian framers?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Door Bell

Recently the door phone for entrance is being the mainstream with camera like a mobile phone, though there is also a time when a chime was called as ping-pong before.
But in M's project of Nishio city, I will install a door bell which has been never seen now in Japan.
The sound is "RIRIRHHHHHIIIIIN", like at a platform in the old train station.
I had a request from the customer whether there isn't something of such feeling and searched and found it in Canada as a picture.
Small body made of steel which did silver plating. Dry cells was connected and rung on probation, but it's quite noisy then.
How do you think about such a retrospective item?
It seems to be my customer who eagers to put something fascinating.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Where the electromagnetic wave going?

Headwind blowing to the wind-generated electricity about low frequency problem / Is the wind-generated electricity Eco?

A low frequency generated from a windmill becomes the problem.
They want to wipe out such a problem now because the Eco industry is in season.
Such a problem occurs among the house as having talked before. It is fraught with danger.
In general, the electromagnetic wave exists by all means in the place with the electricity.
It occurs from an outlet, a fluorescent lamp and an electric appliance.
For a long time there is a rumor about this in the world.. an IH cooktop heater
A microwave oven, etc. I suppose that we do not have much problem about the microwave oven, if I put some distance afterward.
But when we cook with an IH cooktop heater, it may be difficult to leave it.
It seems to be a high frequency not a low frequency now to be used for IH. We can use some pans on the high frequency IH cooktop.
It does not attach pans with the top such as the magnet either.
As for the washing machine which has a motor and the hot carpet, it is said that a lot of electromagnetic waves occur.
In the modern society our life is supported by electricity.
Though I think that it is nonsense to deny such a thing entirely, if a problem is in condition not to become clear, we should recognize such a thing well and then we can use them carefully.
As for the exhaust gas, the food additives and the nuclear power generation, there are also the merits and demerits.
But we carry such problems on my back steadily. It may be a human being.
(In addition, location at the photograph is an image, and not the place in problem.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Old Japanese Modernism

I introduce a glass door which I install in Nishio city.
My customer prefers Japanese antique so much. However, the house is an brand-new. So, I look into some antiqued items and install them in accordance with her preference.
This is the one of them. Japanese calls it Checker Glass, but people in North America usually call it Cross Reed Glass.
I had seen it at a private clinic, a barber or a public bath in Japan but now not.
Recently it shows at internet shops in Japan. So, it becomes popular with some Japanese women.
I painted the solid wood (Hem-Fir) doors by darkish natural oil. I feel it dignified, compared with a hollow core door.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going Well, Framing - N's Project in Ohbu -

I needed a few days for re-starting frame work due to cold rain. But the big walls stand up one after another.
Today, I completed the 2nd story frame and the remaining is only the roof work.
When the jobsite would be narrow or has some limits for work, I choose a panel framing with a crane instead of on-site framing by hand.
In order that I can save the time, I will make walls and floors in the factory prior to framing.
Such a work is so fast and a wood house was built in the blue sky.
Some worry the rain at the framing, but it is not necessary. I use water resisitant plywoods for rain.
However, please be patient that stain will come out from plywood with humidity after rain. It is natural.
Old Japanese carpenters say that nails rust by rain and hold wood tightly.
In this house I will install 3 successive garage doors on the front. Keep in touch.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My First Valentine!

In this morning my customer's wife came to my office suddenly. And I build her house now.
She brought Brownies and chocolates as Valentine's day gift to us all. We all were so surprised because we become old and we cannot get such a gift at all. However, her purpose was different from this.
She lost her way about interior colour and tile design, because her friends have seggested the others. I guess that she thinks anything seriously and she goes to a different way from original.
In such a case I always think that you should keep the first impression or feeling. It is very important for choice. The first priority on house building is "design" which depends on your feeling. At the first moment, you can get inspiration strong.
Thanks for delicious sweets!!

Colorful wall - in Chita city, K's residence

To decide tiles to put on the floor of vanity / restroom / the entrance, I waited with an owner on the site on Monday.
The concept for this house is the vivid and bright American house.
On choosing the tiles; I have asked a painter to put colours on a part of interior walls. I think that he can image the rooms and choose the tiles easily.
Therefore in the place to attach door frames and the crown mouldings, trial coating by the dry wall paint, PARA was done beforehand.

The left room (a restroom): light purple, the room of the middle (the small room for his wife): darkish pink, the right room for children: light sky blue.
(The passage which is outside of rooms: pure white)
Canadian paint, PARA shows you the beautiful colours which are never seen in Japanese paint.
And then he chose stylish and unicolor tiles, not decolative. They will fit with pure white frames and show fine contrast with walls.
Such an American house is suitable for a young family.


Elegant and wide 1.9m dia. tub.
The wavy gorgeous design looks on the base of Alexandria, the last capital of Ptolemaic dynasty.
The area of bath room should be better more than 7.5sqm, and then, the space will be the best for you to have a relax time in the jet bath.


This manufacturer uses Greek goddess name to their products.
Today I’d like to show you a rectangle bathtub. Square shape is usual in Japan, but it is equipped with jets. It is 1.8m long and bigger than Japanese tubs.
Joyful wave design is engineered inside the tub. A shower is installed on the bathtub in the picture, but most of Japanese might not like to try it. Those who like it are challengers.
It looks coooool!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I finished an open house in Chita city

I held an open house of K's residence in Chita city on the weekend. On Sunday it was mostly cloudy and I worried a little. But many new customers came in the afternoon.
The real western style house is not familiar to Japanese. So, they are so interested in this Canadian house. And one of visitors, who is a Canadian family, they were so surprised the interior and exterior because it was the same as their parents' home in Canada.
Hear the words, I feel that Japanese does not become rich in life.
This is a master bed room where I planed on a garage. Gray-Green drywall interior and dark brown furniture and white window make contrast fine. I bought furniture with an owner in Canada. The price of a bed is only $399 (Excludes matress, etc.).
If you go to Canada for shopping, you may be able to save the cost, even if you pay the tour expense. You can live in rich, when you have a good sense and find a nice builder.

Floor:Solid Pine in North Europe, 20mm thickness
Wall:PARA Paints for dry wall and moulding
Window:Boreal Windows

There are different colors in white

There is variation of White, though people like the interior coordinator well know.
The white base paint becomes colored slightly, just in dropping a colorant, red, blue and black. I can create white tinged with the color taste.
People do not discriminate the difference of slightly colored whites that I am colored, unless you set the paints on a table. In the color alone, show only a color of the white
When, as for the white made like that, other colors came near, it shows the own color.
In addition, even as for the white same in changing gloss, not changing color itself, it shows a different color.
We usually use a gloss free PARA paint on the big area like a wall and the ceiling for dry wall installation.
And to a base board, a window, a door, the frames and interior decoration trim such as casing or crown moulding, I use a semi-gross PARA paint.
When we paint them properly, PARA paints can make the interior elegant.
(PARA PAINTS is really used for this interior) It is wonderful!

There is not such big arch wall, that I looked

In this jobsite, the dry wall is in full swing now. The photograph was taken a little while ago.
A carpenter Incises some into wood of 2x6 and I changed it in the form of the arch and made it. At the bottom of the wall of the so loose arch how many people can stand? I arranged it to become the large party space in dining (the front side) and living (the depths side). When there is such a large arch, I feel grand.
Of course, the edge of this arch finishes a bull nose round corner by dry wall. To do such a finish; special corner material is required and We, Home Made have such a material in stock. The challenge that a person does not do it is pleasant, I always think so. Therefore only such a new customer looks into Home Made. At all events when I finish a drywall, I will show a photograph of this wall. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Clasps support brick house against the earthquake!

It’s a building picture of the wall of Mr. H’s house in Hirabari, Tempaku, Nagoya. You can imagine that Canadian bricklayers built it by their hands.
Ca. 10,000 pieces bricks per a house, three workers finished them in only 15 days. The speed and beauty when a house is built up, are realized because of them.

As you can see, horizontal rebar and the vertical ladder (not in the pic.) are the base for the earthquake resistance. And brick ties unite the building frame and the brick wall. The brick holes lighten the brick itself, to let into the rebar and mortars inside of the holes, and the wall is durable. It is the special way for exterior brick cladding!

[* marquees are for the texts on the pics]
* Brick Tie like L-clap to unite wooden building frame and bricks
* Vertical line (Rebar at Dia. 10mm)

How to lay the whole bricks

I’d like to show you how to lay the bricks here.
For the brick installation, it’s important to be carefully and have to be laid perfectly to prevent from damage in case of an earthquake. Perfectly laid bricks get no problem if it falls down of an earthquake.

So, three claps are used to sustain the brick wall stronger:
1. Put a rebar through the brick hole to hook up them vertical.
2. Put a wire truss between bricks to hook up the bricks horizontal.
3. Connect the brick wall to the wooden structural building frame with the brick tie.

Please look at the illustration. Those invisible works are really important.
Those materials are not purchasable in Japan, and we import them from Canada.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shower unit, Asteria

It’s a stylish shower unit with the depth of 82cm. If you choose with a roof cap, you can get rain shower from the top. With the body jet massage (optional), you can relax yourself for a while in hot water.
Western people usually take a shower instead of a bathtub. It’s because showers use less water and it’s easier. Due to global warming, Japan’s not left out from the water problem.
If you had this nice shower beside the bed, it would make your room gorgeous.

Vanity bowl, Rambling Rose

KOHLER is popular for its decorative bowls at affordable prices. So, I recommend you “Hand Decorated” series of another manufacture. Their prices are half of KOHLER’s.
The feature of this American manufacture is custom-made for every customer. Decide a bowl and some decorations what you like, and your original one will come in! It’s the only one product for you.
This picture above is of the bowl “Cambridge” with little roses. Their pastel colours are waffy, no?

0511 Reminis

Have I ever told you about a pedestal for the bath room?
The high cut edge covering around the bowl prevents water to splash about. The engineered soap tray kills dead space, so that this bowl can be agreeable and elegant. It’s difficult to find such a graceful Japanese bowl. You can arrange the faucet to make it dressier, or more modesty to bring out the bowl.
A lot of accessories come in for a vanity: mirrors, lights, towel hangers, etc., so it will be the perfect space, just like you imagined!

Decorative Kitchen by Antique Finish

In this category I introduce the design of kitchen in North America. In Japan many people think it as a practical field, but it also seems a display for North American people. So, their kitchen is always cleaned up and when they cook some dishes, they use a microwave or an oven instead of a range.
This cabinet is finished some colours with much time and labour. We call such a finishing as Antique Finish.
At first black or dark brown paint is done and white or beige, sometime red paint is covered on it. After drying, sanding work is done with sandpaper partly in order to show the dark paint on surface.
They make an image of antique on the cabinet by the finishing. We need the cost more but in North America there are many manufacturers which produce a high quality cabinet.
And they can provide you with some option, door design, wood spices, knob and accessories. We have never seen the variety of option in Japanese cabinet manufacturer.
Cupper pots and pans impress the antique at kitchen area. It’s real early American style, isn’t it! We must keep tradition and culture for next generation

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is it a table counter?

In Japanese house such a stylish apron is not installed on the bottom of window inside, though we can see it at residence in Europe.

We need time and decolative moulding more for installation, but we put it at C's house in Moriyama.

At the dawn of the western style house building in Japan, we often found the moulding but now we have never seen it.

In Japan it seems to call it "Zen-ita, Table Counter".

When we add the device and design, the house gets grace and value more.


The regular bath style like in a Hollywood movie. On the corner in the bed room, a woman covering her hair with a white towel and washing her body in the tub full of bubbles.

You can easily imagine it, can’t you?

The iron carved table leg with "ball and claw" foots make it grace. The 1.70m long bathtub allows you to relax.

Moreover, some optional goods are available: towel ring, soap dish, glass shelf, hook and bowl shelf to wash hands.

I know this type bath is not for every one, but why don’t you try it once?

Bath time will become the must the most relaxing time…

Ash Grove Blend

Yellow based, strawberry brick red, floating white and little black, just like in olden days.

Its massive look, but also casual, natural and light. Do you like it?

Yellow colour, as you know, means good luck in Chinese geomancy "feng shui", so this brick is loved by many Japanese customers. So, recently we’ve found houses in beige or cream colour in Japan.

Please check our web for the details of Mr. H’s built-in garage house.

Heritage Antique

This Mr. B’s brick house is located in Ohguchi, Aichi pref., Japan.

This Canadian red brick is orthentic and, at same time, antique look because of its white frosts or dark shadows.

Please check our web for the details of Mr. B’s British trad house.

Big bricks for exterior cladding!

Most of Japanese brick houses are put slice bricks on, but actually, in North America and Europe, whole bricks are to be laid from the basement.

Yes, Japanese bricks are tiles! The whole bricks named MAX have 90 mm in thickness and 257 mm in width. So, they are big and massive. The heat insulating and durability differs dramatically from brick tile.

True brick houses are eternal.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

F52-2618CW Vanity Faucet

This Canadian vanity faucet is irresistibly attractive for golf-lovers.

It’ spout is formed into a golf driver and there are balls on the top of the handles.

Moreover, the pop – up to shift the plughole has taken its form of a tee with a ball on the head.

It will make you enthusiastic to begin a wonderful golf day.

Catch a glimpse of a little daintiness.

Hampton Kitchen Faucet

The most popular colour for westren style houses in Japan is the gold.

A brilliant golden tap will give you some romantic impressions, recently, in North America, they have tended to chromes, looked like silver, or nickel, liked brushed old silver.

So it’s been harder to find a golden kitchen faucet in North America.

Because of its features, the long spout and the handles in crosses, it brings the good old days.

A pull-out spray faucet is equipped on the right. Push the button on the head, so as to shift from the tap to the spray faucet, and vice versa. The built-in hose allows stretching the head.

Your conformability in the kitchen will be increased dramatically.

Milano Series PS-1418

These last years, in North-America, nickel looking faucets have become popular. This faucet is one of them. The North-American residential trend arrives in Japan a couple of years later.

It’s true that this current is general in the design and architectural markets. Actually, they say, the 5 years-olden Italian models come to Japan.

Well-tended brushed nickel colour creates stately and premium atmosphere.

Canadian common colours for levers are very variety and you can find the one for you. Chose a colour that perfectly matches your home.

Nice horse!

Dolphin shaped water faucets are shown on my website, and now, it’s a horse shaped. The levers have a look of tales. One of my acquaintance loves horses so much. Once I show him this, he'll feel a burning desire to have it.

There are a lot of interesting designed faucets in Canada. Canadian people have their great sense of fun, and it can be a source of richness in life.

We have had no customer yet who has chosen this faucet; you may be the first person who gets it! Be unique, be the one!

Show you our works by pictures and movie. If you want to see actual ones, please check the work introduction on my website.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kitchen Plan

A house builder doesn’t draw any kitchen plan in house. It just measures the sizes and asks kitchen equipment manufactures some suitable sets, and then it can get some proposals of standard lines. So the builder has no trouble at all.

Although, for imported kitchens doesn’t work like that. We have to consider by our selves on the combinations of all equipments; hanging cupboards, cabinets as the base of the kitchen style, and also you need to know each cabinet size. If not, it can be troublesome during the installation.

The both of imagination and design sense are important in the planning phase, and it would be difficult for general interior designers or planners.

The pictures are from Mr. C, building new house in Moriyama, Nagoya city.

I drew other 7 patterns for vanity cabinet, etc. in English. All my efforts were to make the American cabinet manufacture understand and to provide us with their best ones. For special specification order, drawing is the best way to show the images.

Getting more concrete images, measuring them in English catalogues, it took ca. three days to finish all. Moreover, changing and adjusting occurred in addition… that needed easily more time. Can you imagine it?

Not only cabinets, but at same time occurred other things; design and specification of the counter plate, deciding cooking ranges, dish washing machines, sinks and faucets, micro-ovens, fridges, positioning etc.

We, Homemade may be only one which seeks the best of the best. The more maniac the order is, the more enthusiastic we get! Such leisure people have been disappearing in Japan.

Country sink 7048301 490

These last years, Canadian prefers natural taste. Their designs are inspired in the nature, for example, a bamboo is transfigured in a spout.

These Canadian trends I’m going to introduce later. Today, it’s about the return to the old country.

Now, in North America there are some major faucet manufactures and they produce mainly kitchen sinks in country style. It’s surprise that the major manufactures are the most ones.

You’ll enjoy on this vanity. if you are a big fun of country style. Though, there might be few people in Japan who will take it into their modern life. Western cultures keep their variety. The other way, in Japan, we just follow only one pattern.

No Japanese kitchen unit manufactures install this kind of sink, so the only way to get it is making your order to a foreign kitchen manufacture.

“Making a custom order” sounds “cost”, but custom order is major in North America and you need fewer than you think.

The price can also be a part of culture.

Cristal wall lamps 6922PB

I feel disappointed that this lamp shade is no longer being made. No more 6922PB in our catalogue. Mr. K’s house was the last to acquire this.

This lighting had beautiful lines and it was quite retro. It was my favourite. The interesting feature: there are three vertical lines and the lights run on the wall.

An upward open lamp lights faintly the ceiling and creates a mood.

At a surprising \2,500(excluding tax), bulb and installation fee.
This product is cheap but gorgeous.

Floor lamp 74153

Another unique limited edition floor lamp. It makes a perfect light.

The body is of antic brass; old golden down calm, and chic. The high light flaxy colour shade projects stable and permanent atmosphere.

Moreover, a lovely tassel gives this lamp more traditional accent.

Under the shade, there is a glass decoration in two tones, gold and brass. It looks like a poppy bud, doesn’t it?

In addition, this lighting is able to be changed in two levels: bright for reading and dim for a romantic mood.

Rose stand 270291

We had only two of these. One has been sold and the other one waiting for you! At the latest exposition, this lamp attached many visitors in imported products.

In North America and Europe, they symmetrically set stands on a night table or a cabinet by the beds.

But this one can be used differently.

Please look the picture well.

Do you find it is a little higher than other stand lamps?

We call this type of lamp “Buffet Lamp” and to stand on the buffet, counter, or a table. It’s higher, so that not to block you out when serving meal. Imagine, this lamp projecting in a faint light room… you could enjoy your meal more. You can find the usage, for your bureau, for your make-up corner…


This lighting is KICHLER’s new product in 2008. The lamps are adjustable in multiple directions: swivel 90 deg. and rotate 360 deg. Three halo-lamps illuminate not only pictures but also the wall and ceiling at your will.

Tiffany’s stained glasses are used for the shades. You would find these bronze body products a kind of North African style. Thin and bronze winding wire looks like leguminous plants.

For an amazing $176(including halo-bulb, 2008) only! The price, shipping cost is not included in.

American Design 5017CH

Nostalgic 70s’ diner or motel light? You would think so, but it’s actually for a bathroom.

Four full-orbed lights are in line on the chrome silver mount, which looks matching well with good old big American cars like Thunderbird, Riviera etc.

I find this lighting very nice, it has the image of the movie “American Graffiti”.
It’s simple and attractive, brings reminiscence.

Swan Faucet

A customer read our blog and made an order for a swan formed faucet. She liked more the tranquil one, although the product on the article of the blog was golden. So, this excellent silver swan has been discovered. Two levers are formed into swan heads and the neck of central is feathered.

Western people must like this elaborate design. His flyway to me was also complicated: changing designs, a reply about its discontinuance, long time eagerly waiting for its arrival…

Once the credit is slipped in, this bird will take wings again and leave me. Just now, we enjoy ourselves watching the swan.

There may mot be another swan faucet in Japan. I hope him to be taken under the wings of our customers.

Kitchen shower faucet KC-1408CH

Recently, there have been few one-lever faucets in Japan. In Canada, where the two - lever is common yet, the one-lever is getting popular.

Is the one-lever type really necessary? The answer is “No”. The reason is that a temperature controller is installed in the water heater and you should be free from the stress against adjusting the temperature with a handle by yourself.

This faucet is a built-in shower type. A button is asset on the top of the faucet to shift the ways between the general water out let and the shower. The round head has realized a comfortable and fashionable grip.

Some domestic spray faucets are available nowadays but I hope they could produce a little bit more variety.

Ceramic valve is naturally used for this product which is stable for semi permanently.

The kitchen – Mr. Y’s house

We, Japanese, prefer golden faucets for western style houses rather. However, recently, in North America, chrome, “silver”, is major. We felt clean and simple from “silver”.

Mr. Y has chosen a chrome faucet and you may get a classical impression of it. It’s amazing that the combination of the imported white enamelled sink and the decoration of 100mm tile kitchen counter get lots class together.

The wrought-iron light matches it. The customers are using this. It may be no exaggeration to say that the interior is coordinated based on this light.

If there is a base of design first, it could help you realize a nicer house.

Kitchen Faucet K1320CWG

This faucet was demonstrated at the exhibition of Mr. K’s house in Chita city, and it will be set in his house.

The design is classic in North America: long neck spout, the levers separated in two: the one is for cold water and the other is for hot water, and the mount plate being combining the two main parts.

A lot of people who like imported houses may love a faucet like this. Its polished chrome colour for the hole of this product let feel cleanliness, and the glossy brass reflects gorgeousness. In addition, the white colour of the levers is lovely.

Japanese products are mainly one lever of chrome.Because, it is trouble-free to adjust the temperature. It’s easy but less funny.

Completed kitchen pictures will be shown later. Everyone feels great when they see these beautiful parts.