Saturday, February 6, 2010

Decorative Kitchen by Antique Finish

In this category I introduce the design of kitchen in North America. In Japan many people think it as a practical field, but it also seems a display for North American people. So, their kitchen is always cleaned up and when they cook some dishes, they use a microwave or an oven instead of a range.
This cabinet is finished some colours with much time and labour. We call such a finishing as Antique Finish.
At first black or dark brown paint is done and white or beige, sometime red paint is covered on it. After drying, sanding work is done with sandpaper partly in order to show the dark paint on surface.
They make an image of antique on the cabinet by the finishing. We need the cost more but in North America there are many manufacturers which produce a high quality cabinet.
And they can provide you with some option, door design, wood spices, knob and accessories. We have never seen the variety of option in Japanese cabinet manufacturer.
Cupper pots and pans impress the antique at kitchen area. It’s real early American style, isn’t it! We must keep tradition and culture for next generation

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