Monday, February 1, 2010

Kitchen Plan

A house builder doesn’t draw any kitchen plan in house. It just measures the sizes and asks kitchen equipment manufactures some suitable sets, and then it can get some proposals of standard lines. So the builder has no trouble at all.

Although, for imported kitchens doesn’t work like that. We have to consider by our selves on the combinations of all equipments; hanging cupboards, cabinets as the base of the kitchen style, and also you need to know each cabinet size. If not, it can be troublesome during the installation.

The both of imagination and design sense are important in the planning phase, and it would be difficult for general interior designers or planners.

The pictures are from Mr. C, building new house in Moriyama, Nagoya city.

I drew other 7 patterns for vanity cabinet, etc. in English. All my efforts were to make the American cabinet manufacture understand and to provide us with their best ones. For special specification order, drawing is the best way to show the images.

Getting more concrete images, measuring them in English catalogues, it took ca. three days to finish all. Moreover, changing and adjusting occurred in addition… that needed easily more time. Can you imagine it?

Not only cabinets, but at same time occurred other things; design and specification of the counter plate, deciding cooking ranges, dish washing machines, sinks and faucets, micro-ovens, fridges, positioning etc.

We, Homemade may be only one which seeks the best of the best. The more maniac the order is, the more enthusiastic we get! Such leisure people have been disappearing in Japan.

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