Monday, February 15, 2010

Where the electromagnetic wave going?

Headwind blowing to the wind-generated electricity about low frequency problem / Is the wind-generated electricity Eco?

A low frequency generated from a windmill becomes the problem.
They want to wipe out such a problem now because the Eco industry is in season.
Such a problem occurs among the house as having talked before. It is fraught with danger.
In general, the electromagnetic wave exists by all means in the place with the electricity.
It occurs from an outlet, a fluorescent lamp and an electric appliance.
For a long time there is a rumor about this in the world.. an IH cooktop heater
A microwave oven, etc. I suppose that we do not have much problem about the microwave oven, if I put some distance afterward.
But when we cook with an IH cooktop heater, it may be difficult to leave it.
It seems to be a high frequency not a low frequency now to be used for IH. We can use some pans on the high frequency IH cooktop.
It does not attach pans with the top such as the magnet either.
As for the washing machine which has a motor and the hot carpet, it is said that a lot of electromagnetic waves occur.
In the modern society our life is supported by electricity.
Though I think that it is nonsense to deny such a thing entirely, if a problem is in condition not to become clear, we should recognize such a thing well and then we can use them carefully.
As for the exhaust gas, the food additives and the nuclear power generation, there are also the merits and demerits.
But we carry such problems on my back steadily. It may be a human being.
(In addition, location at the photograph is an image, and not the place in problem.)

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