Thursday, February 11, 2010

There is not such big arch wall, that I looked

In this jobsite, the dry wall is in full swing now. The photograph was taken a little while ago.
A carpenter Incises some into wood of 2x6 and I changed it in the form of the arch and made it. At the bottom of the wall of the so loose arch how many people can stand? I arranged it to become the large party space in dining (the front side) and living (the depths side). When there is such a large arch, I feel grand.
Of course, the edge of this arch finishes a bull nose round corner by dry wall. To do such a finish; special corner material is required and We, Home Made have such a material in stock. The challenge that a person does not do it is pleasant, I always think so. Therefore only such a new customer looks into Home Made. At all events when I finish a drywall, I will show a photograph of this wall. Stay tuned!

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