Saturday, February 27, 2010

Solid Model - N's House in Ohbu -

I have written a scene of framing work in N's project lately. And a soild model of this house was just completed, though it is a little different from the original drawing.
I noticed him it and he came to my office shortly. He seems to wait for this for a long time.
I suppose that he will be so pleased to see a 3-D house instead of a drawing.
I designed a house which looks big, as the land is along a road at east long side and there are triple garage doors orderly like a town house. And also windows goes in line.
I will install whole bricks as exterior cladding. If it's done, I think they're highlights.
The chimney is not a fake and a wood stove will be put on.
When you have such a model in your hand, an image spreads again.

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