Sunday, February 7, 2010

Clasps support brick house against the earthquake!

It’s a building picture of the wall of Mr. H’s house in Hirabari, Tempaku, Nagoya. You can imagine that Canadian bricklayers built it by their hands.
Ca. 10,000 pieces bricks per a house, three workers finished them in only 15 days. The speed and beauty when a house is built up, are realized because of them.

As you can see, horizontal rebar and the vertical ladder (not in the pic.) are the base for the earthquake resistance. And brick ties unite the building frame and the brick wall. The brick holes lighten the brick itself, to let into the rebar and mortars inside of the holes, and the wall is durable. It is the special way for exterior brick cladding!

[* marquees are for the texts on the pics]
* Brick Tie like L-clap to unite wooden building frame and bricks
* Vertical line (Rebar at Dia. 10mm)

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