Thursday, February 11, 2010

I finished an open house in Chita city

I held an open house of K's residence in Chita city on the weekend. On Sunday it was mostly cloudy and I worried a little. But many new customers came in the afternoon.
The real western style house is not familiar to Japanese. So, they are so interested in this Canadian house. And one of visitors, who is a Canadian family, they were so surprised the interior and exterior because it was the same as their parents' home in Canada.
Hear the words, I feel that Japanese does not become rich in life.
This is a master bed room where I planed on a garage. Gray-Green drywall interior and dark brown furniture and white window make contrast fine. I bought furniture with an owner in Canada. The price of a bed is only $399 (Excludes matress, etc.).
If you go to Canada for shopping, you may be able to save the cost, even if you pay the tour expense. You can live in rich, when you have a good sense and find a nice builder.

Floor:Solid Pine in North Europe, 20mm thickness
Wall:PARA Paints for dry wall and moulding
Window:Boreal Windows

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