Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going Well, Framing - N's Project in Ohbu -

I needed a few days for re-starting frame work due to cold rain. But the big walls stand up one after another.
Today, I completed the 2nd story frame and the remaining is only the roof work.
When the jobsite would be narrow or has some limits for work, I choose a panel framing with a crane instead of on-site framing by hand.
In order that I can save the time, I will make walls and floors in the factory prior to framing.
Such a work is so fast and a wood house was built in the blue sky.
Some worry the rain at the framing, but it is not necessary. I use water resisitant plywoods for rain.
However, please be patient that stain will come out from plywood with humidity after rain. It is natural.
Old Japanese carpenters say that nails rust by rain and hold wood tightly.
In this house I will install 3 successive garage doors on the front. Keep in touch.

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