Thursday, February 11, 2010

There are different colors in white

There is variation of White, though people like the interior coordinator well know.
The white base paint becomes colored slightly, just in dropping a colorant, red, blue and black. I can create white tinged with the color taste.
People do not discriminate the difference of slightly colored whites that I am colored, unless you set the paints on a table. In the color alone, show only a color of the white
When, as for the white made like that, other colors came near, it shows the own color.
In addition, even as for the white same in changing gloss, not changing color itself, it shows a different color.
We usually use a gloss free PARA paint on the big area like a wall and the ceiling for dry wall installation.
And to a base board, a window, a door, the frames and interior decoration trim such as casing or crown moulding, I use a semi-gross PARA paint.
When we paint them properly, PARA paints can make the interior elegant.
(PARA PAINTS is really used for this interior) It is wonderful!

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