Friday, February 12, 2010

Colorful wall - in Chita city, K's residence

To decide tiles to put on the floor of vanity / restroom / the entrance, I waited with an owner on the site on Monday.
The concept for this house is the vivid and bright American house.
On choosing the tiles; I have asked a painter to put colours on a part of interior walls. I think that he can image the rooms and choose the tiles easily.
Therefore in the place to attach door frames and the crown mouldings, trial coating by the dry wall paint, PARA was done beforehand.

The left room (a restroom): light purple, the room of the middle (the small room for his wife): darkish pink, the right room for children: light sky blue.
(The passage which is outside of rooms: pure white)
Canadian paint, PARA shows you the beautiful colours which are never seen in Japanese paint.
And then he chose stylish and unicolor tiles, not decolative. They will fit with pure white frames and show fine contrast with walls.
Such an American house is suitable for a young family.

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