Saturday, March 6, 2010

Maintenance of an awning window

The part to operate a PVC awning window in the bathroom has been rusted. I was requested advice about this problem by a customer.

Right away, I went to see the situation. The house was built 16 years ago and there is humidity in the bathroom. So that, one-third of the bracket for operation arm has been fallen off. The operation arm should be fixed by 2 screws but only in 1.

It has been taken a load on fellow for a long time and it breaks soon.

As for North American window, many window manufacturers are using the same part. So, it's possible to order a necessary part, even if we aren't handling the same window.

But in such a case, we must check the size and the shape in details. To procure it from an overseas manufacturer, builders have to comunicate with them in English. It's difficult for the other Japanese builder.

There are so many customers who built a western style house more than 10 years ago. So, I guess such question from a customer increases.

It takes so much time to settle such a problem, but I could not get the enough profit because of the small part.
However, I think that I should do it for an in trouble person, that I will contribute to social purpose.

If you're in trouble about such a thing, please don't be reserved. Please consult. We deal as much as possible.

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