Saturday, March 6, 2010

It happens often!

It’s not surprising in imported products. Especially, imported lighting’s shades are mostly made of glass. So, some troubles are occurred during the shipping.
The products are usually delivered by ocean shipment, but, according to the deliverly period, I requested to deliver 2 lighting fixures by air. Unfortunately, they all were not handled properly. Hence, they were broken. We all know the transport workers do not handle our bags carefully. So, fragile products can easily brake.  
Some Japanese can’t stand it and get angry. Japanese common sense is very rare all over the world: receiving the product in good condition, on time is extreamely important. We kindly ask for your understanding. After all, “We can install it upon receipt of replacement shade. Until then you can turn it on, can't you? it’s just a lighting”. So take it easy.

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