Monday, October 25, 2010

The Beauty In The House

Today I found a nice photograph from my old data glossary. It is a one of our showcase of Staircase. Although we completed that almost seven years ago, still keeps beauty.

This Staircase made from solid pine and the design is Quarter Landing Staircase.

We usually provide with Straight Staircase in case the space has a huge floor.

By the way, there weren’t enough space of height between first floor and second floor ceiling due to it is the mezzanine. One day the customer has got a nice idea for a space under the staircase to install a mini-library! Therefore we recommended this type of staircase.

I was hardly studied about many parts of stair in detail to combine then picked up one by one to reach what a customer wants.

Nowadays the house builder who knows materials in North America is fewer than before, then I think we are the one of a best company which can provide you with a right value of houses with all our might!

Anyway, as you can see the decorations called Stair Bracket under treads. It will be available only in Home Made. Other parts of banister, Volute is shaped as its name, and Four Risers Quarter-turn has more gorgeous design. Here is one of the highlight in this house.

As I said all parts of this Staircase made from a solid pine. It is soft wood therefore the Baluster has designed a little thick than a solid oak even a same design.

How wonderful the Canadian supplier is considering about design according to materials in such as tiny details!

Of course, we would love to show you more other various designs of stairs so do not hesitate to ask & contact us. We appreciate to make your own Sweet Home, together!

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