Friday, October 8, 2010

The Imported House, Just Like a Castle

Now this house is constructing in Toyota city and will be complete few weeks later.

This time we choose to laid a bricks named “Heritage Gray” for brick veneer wall.

Those bricks has a rugged surface almost like a stone.
Then about the color, those were formerly red but coated by white sand therefore this bricks are wearing pinkish gray then it is looks like white in a whole picture.

Actually, those bricks are named gray but that’s really like a white castle in the dream. Isn't this fabulous? We are proud of our materials, perhaps, no one cannot provide such a nice bricks?

Sometime later you can see completely how beautiful this house.

We are planing for an Open House in the middle of November,2010,
but if you would like see more details just contact us any time.
I shall be pleased to show you our proud of lovely works!

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