Friday, October 8, 2010

The Mirror Wall Cabinet Has Been Rare

This is one of the houses showcasing our work in Kariya city.

And it was partly designed by one of our female staff.
When she joined our company, she was a new graduate, so she needed to be trained from the very beginning.
I'm sure that she had to study really hard and had some tough times back then.

The cabinet and counter in the washroom was designed by her. Actually, I had to ask her to redesign it many times until we can could share the design with the client.
And then, we had some meetings with the client for the final design.

It was made by natural color oak and we put a pure white counter on it.

The imported cabinet and counter are custom-built and there weren't any other choices. It shows the brightness and cleanliness, and I think it also express the atmosphere of the customer.
And then, she used a dolphin shaped faucet. It's easy to imagine that children love to use it. About the mirror, fortunately there was a medicine cabinet in our stock, which perfectly fits to the room.

The medicine cabinet is quite useful for putting goods away around the washbasin like toothbrushes, or cosmetics, and so on, but recently it has been rare in North America. And what I hope is this kind of old design loved by every generations.

I really would recommend especially for Japanese people who prefer to use storage, in addition there is a function of the mirror! It will make washbasin keep clean.

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