Friday, October 8, 2010

Toyota 2000GT and Home Made's Creativity

This is a classic car, Toyota 2000 GT, manufactured in 1967.

I recently saw this at the LEXUS showroom in the Midland Square.

It recognized that I also meet a first Nissan-Skyline GT-R, just six month ago, it seems I’ve seen series of great cars in the past these days.

May I say I prefer a old or classic cars than a modern cars, or its just unsuitable for me a modern cars are...?

Anyway, I was very excited because it was the first time to meet such a close to 2000GT!

It was quite good condition, I guess it carried from Toyota Museum?

It designed very cool from this photo angle even so center of gravity was almost twenty to eighty from the right side ! Awesome.

Well, actually that design reminds me that my car Suzuki Cappuccino is designed like, pushed the back sheet against the rear tire.

However I imagined Japan was energetic very much when that kind of design has coming up.
I hope their manufacturing could be live as long as they can.

Then I've overlapped to think about design both the 2000GT and a house of Home Made.
We should provide a house for a customer who can really sure to be proud of it to their children.

Therefore a design is one of the most important elements to reach a high level of quality and durability, what I realized again today. How do you think of it?

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