Friday, September 2, 2011

Monotone bathtub

This time we are showing a simple, modern bathtub that doesn't appear to be from an imported house.

Usually, for most North American bathtubs, a box is made and the bathtub is then put on the box.
As shown in this picture, as an option, a skirt that is connected to the wall panel can be attached to the bathtub.

The advantage of having an attached skirt is that you can dismantle the skirt, making it easy to do maintenance on the bubble motor and plumbing fixtures on your jet bath.

However, in Japan, we must waterproof the bath in order to protect it from water going under the bathtub because Japanese take a shower outside of the bathtub.

Which means we have to keep in mind that the panel will be fixed and sealed.

It seems some designs differences with Japanese one.

We can feel care about as follow.
There is a metal furniture attached shower next to bathtub.
There is a dent for as near as possible to apron when you enter the bathtub.

It may be relax and mind went blank like a bathtub.

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